July 7, 2021—As an AI trailblazer, tech expert and former health club operator, Keepme founder and CEO Ian Mullane is both hugely passionate about data, and uniquely positioned to understand what gym operators must do to embrace its all-but-untapped potential to revolutionize their businesses.

Fortunately, he is able to convey his in-depth knowledge in a way that makes sense to the non-data expert, which ensures his latest white paper – Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI, which launched on June 14 – makes for fascinating reading.

Kicking off by spotlighting the various types of data gyms will already have in their businesses, Mullane goes on to explain how to collect, store and work with it, as well as how to leverage it using AI and machine learning to produce predictions and insights that would simply not be possible through human analysis.

“My goal,” he explains, “is to strip away the barriers of complexity that hinder understanding of this topic, leaving the reader with a clear grasp of the opportunity for their business, as well as actions they can take immediately to start extracting exceptional business value from their data.”

And he has, says global fitness authority Emma Barry, succeeded in that goal. “Finally,” she says. “A one-stop shop for all those tech terms you’ve been too scared to ask about. Ian’s latest white paper is a truly enjoyable read that skips through playfully, clearly and informatively.”

Her sentiments are echoed by in the foreword by EuropeActive president David Stalker, who comments: “Data is boring? Wrong. Understanding it can be frustrating, but your data is the key to your business success.

“The first step is to take the guesswork out of the numbers game, and in this excellent white paper, Ian leads us on a journey through AI, machine learning and business intelligence in a way that actually makes sense – even to those of us who usually see data analysis as a tech session of buzzword bingo.

“By reading Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI, you’ll better understand why you can no longer afford to lose track of your data – and how to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

Everything You Need to Know About Data & AI is available for download here.

And if you missed Mullane’s first white paper – The Fitness Future: Rules of Engagement – which launched in February to rave reviews, you can still download your complimentary copy here.

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About Keepme

Keepme provides gyms and health clubs with a uniquely intelligence-based approach to member retention and sales. Through automated, AI-driven analytics – which use individual member and prospect data to identify patterns that enable highly accurate predictions of behaviour – Keepme provides its operator clients with in-depth, actionable insights.

In turn, it allows gyms to re-engage customers, significantly increasing retention; boost sales conversion rates; and even refine the product itself.

For further information, please visit the official website: www.keepme.ai