Vernon, CA—May 20, 2018—In today’s world, with manufacturing being pushed more and more outside of America, Expert Brand proudly stands as a fitness apparel purveyor of feel-good activewear that also does good, as many of their most popular apparel are happily made right here in the United States of America.

Not only are our products lightweight, comfortable and ready-made for today’s man or woman on the go, but Expert Brand stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to promoting homegrown, American made. Just perusing our catalog, you’ll find any number of proud American flags by various materials. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • The SiroTM Collection, designed with durability in mind is not only one of the naturally softest options out there, it offers a premium on high performance—even with daily wear! From muscle tees to short sleeves to even hoodies, the apparel is a fitting staple to any active American wardrobe.
  • The TritecTM Collection, already revered for their unique blend of three performance materials delivering on durability, moisture-management, and comfort, are also produced in America and, fittingly, most items are available in red, white and blue.
  • The OxyMeshTM Collection is American produced for American athletes. Used for U.S. Army recruits, with an ambitious take on breathability and comfort. Leave it to good old-fashioned American ingenuity to add in antimicrobials to combat unpleasant odor as well!

Athleticism, comfort, and fashion are the cornerstones of American ingenuity and, thanks to Expert Brand, those values do not need to be sacrificed in the quest to support products that Matter—ones that proudly proclaim: “Made in the USA” Browse our 2018 catalog and take note of how many American flags are stamped throughout the fashionable pages and feel at peace wearing an impressive wardrobe made on our own home soil.

About Expert Brand

Expert Brand proudly offers products Made in the USA, seeking always to be a leader of the pack in design and development of sportswear apparel that is at once stylish and high performance. We specialize in wholesale distribution and are known for quick turnaround on orders, competitive pricing, free shipping on orders over $300, and, of course, comfortable active lifestyle clothes that impress. Visit our website for more on the product line and company story.