Expansion, Growth & Revenue Projected for MENA Fitness Market

    Produced in collaboration by IHRSA, the Global Health & Fitness Alliance, and Ken Research, the Assessment for Direct and Indirect Impact of Health and Fitness Clubs to MENA Economy - Outlook to 2025 report highlights considerable growth and demand for fitness in the region.

    BOSTON, MA—May 18, 2022—IHRSA and the Global Health & Fitness Alliance collaborated with Ken Research to produce the Assessment for Direct and Indirect Impact of Health and Fitness Clubs to MENA Economy - Outlook to 2025 report. While the report highlights timely current information on the state of the MENA health and fitness industry, it also provides crucial future market projections such as industry size by revenue.

    The report includes individual country reports for Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, and Qatar. A comprehensive analysis of the MENA health and fitness industry insights and outlook through 2025 provides:

    • market size,

    • the number of facilities and active members,

    • direct and indirect economic impact,

    • socioeconomic implications,

    • consumer preferences and trends analysis,

    • government initiatives,

    • a look at COVID’s impact, and more.

    Driven by increasing health concerns resulting in the addition of health clubs and gyms in the MENA region, key findings from the report include:

    • An 18.1% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) with considerable expansion in the number of boutique and budget fitness facilities directly contributes to the economy to drive market growth.

    • Millennials and Gen Z make up the most participants in fitness classes and are motivated by workout experiences that deliver on balance, routine, and prevention.

    • Even with considerable growth, compared to the U.S. and the U.K., the MENA fitness market is relatively immature as 1.4% of the population visits fitness facilities. This finding provides an opportunity for the industry to grow across the region.

    • The MENA market is undergoing transformation and disruption as Saudi Arabia and Israel make up the two largest fitness markets—contributing more than 50% to the total 2020 revenue. Israel takes the lead with the highest penetration rate, followed by UAE and Saudi Arabia.

    “The importance of this report is second to none for the health and fitness industry, governments, and workplaces in the MENA region, as it clearly shows the economic impact of inactivity through evidential data. This is a milestone for the industry," said Andrea Bell, chair of the GHFA Advisory Council and co-founder, director, and chief people officer of Inspire Brands Asia.

    "We can now put an economic value to inactivity and equate this to the positive impact health and fitness facilities have on reducing the healthcare costs for governments and companies.

    "In our commitment to helping the World Health Organization’s agenda to reduce global physical inactivity by 15% by 2030, the GHFA is focused heavily on advocacy for decision makers to recognize our industry as a critical contributor and valuable solution provider.”

    The Assessment for Direct and Indirect Impact of Health and Fitness Clubs to MENA Economy - Outlook to 2025 report is available to purchase on the IHRSA and GHFA websites. All IHRSA members will receive 50% off.

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    The GHFA is a proactive, globally representative alliance that brings together CEOs, C-suite industry stakeholders, and influencers from across the health and fitness sector.

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