TAMPA, FL—September 24, 2020—The Endorphinz team has worked with industry-leading fitness brands for over 20 years and serves as the fitness services expert. In continuing to advance solutions to the marketplace, the company is debuting Endorphinz.AI. The platform is an intelligent fitness streaming agent that provides a new level of fitness streaming intelligence you can trust with AI driven predictions, recommendations and real-time actions. Endorphinz.AI analyzes all of your data, applies key insights from other data and brings a full 360 degree view of the business ranging from customer acquisition, content optimization, consumer engagement and revenue growth.

“The idea of Endorphinz.AI was started on in 2019 in anticipation of the growth in fitness streaming market. Most video platforms only provide a portion of what goes into running and optimizing a fitness streaming business and we kept hearing the statement “we don’t know what we don’t know” and we just want to be smarter. So we set out to build the fitness streaming intelligence platform with some of the leading AI experts and developers in the market applying intelligence to all facets of the business,” says Endorphinz managing partner, Mike Hansen.

The platform not only provides business intelligence but also predictions, AI driven recommendations in real-time and the option to execute those recommendations. Imagine having a customer intelligence agent managing your business 24/7 across all facets of your business from customer acquisition to content creation, revenue growth and more. The platform has been deployed with a select group of customers for testing and is currently managing over hundred-thousand accounts.

Endorphinz.AI has over 14 integrations and the Endorphinz team and customer continue to apply new insights to provide more intelligence. For more information on Endorphinz.AI or if you’d like schedule a demo you may contact the Endorphinz team by calling 1-833-227-4469 or visit the Endorphinz.AI website for a demo preview.

About Endorphinz

Endorphinz is the leading full-service fitness streaming agency on a mission to connect fitness creators and brands to the world. Endorphinz is building the fitness services company of tomorrow to empower brands and artist in the digital age. The company offers the first fully integrated fitness services company with media production, advisory, publishing, digital marketing and more. The launch of Endorphinz.AI is the beginning of Endoprhinz’s focus on optimizing fitness brands content and business operations while continuing to partner with leading video platform groups.