LANCASTER, PA—May 12, 2020—Ecore, a manufacturer of safe, ergonomic and acoustic performance surfaces, recently shared fitness maintenance guidelines and a video series on its YouTube channel that includes comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, restoration and disinfecting protocols for performance fitness flooring. This is all part of Ecore’s Fitness Readiness Initiative to help club owners and managers dealing with the long- and short-term effects of COVID-19. The maintenance protocols cover maintenance recommendations for vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) flooring, vinyl and hard flooring such as luxury vinyl tile (LVT), soft flooring, including turf and carpet, as well as entryway mats and walk-off systems.

“As a leader in the fitness industry, we want to support our customers the best way we can and see that these gyms get back in business as soon as possible,” said Bo Barber, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Ecore. “As such we compiled the existing maintenance information in our tech manuals and summarized it into one set of maintenance guidelines. The accompanying videos support these guidelines.”

The video series also provides recommendations on the types of tools and accessories to use with each surface and demonstrates the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with specialized equipment, such as an ultra-low volume fogger.

“Flooring is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a fitness facility, and it’s the largest surface,” said Barber. “Since bodies frequently interact with the floor, there is a great risk for cross-contamination. Following the correct cleaning protocols not only ensures a more aseptic fitness environment, but also helps contribute to fitness members perceptions of a clean environment.”

To view Ecore’s fitness maintenance guidelines, go here. To view Ecore’s fitness Readiness Initiative Video Series, go here.

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