MINNEAPOLIS, MN—November 10, 2020—After 14 years of business and two years of planning, Discover Strength, a Minnesota-based fitness studio, is franchising. With five current Minnesota locations and two in the works, Discover Strength hopes to award eight franchises by the end of the year.

“Our economy is facing a tumultuous time. Many people have felt instability in their work and don’t know how to take back control,” says Luke Carlson, Discover Strength CEO and founder. “Our market-tested business model provides potential franchise owners with the opportunity to join a thriving business brand and to create their own future.”

Discover Strength delivers 30-minute strength training sessions with an expert trainer twice per week, providing clients with evidence-based, safe, and efficient workouts. While the fitness industry has positioned itself as selling access, Discover Strength’s clients are interacting with educated experts.

Discover Strength has grown through the 2008 recession and pivoted through COVID-19 to be a lasting and thriving fitness brand. Its teams utilize the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which integrates a complete set of simple tools and a proven process to produce powerful business results. Discover Strength’s operating system is like its training methodology -- not subject to fad or fashion. Plus, the Discover Strength model offers an incredible value proposition by producing higher revenue per square foot than the vast majority of retail, restaurant, and fitness business models.

For more information about Discover Strength franchises, visit discoverstrengthfranchise.com.

About Discover Strength

Founded in 2006, Discover Strength is a Minnesota-based strength training studio built on the principle that people can look and feel their best in a fraction of the time through evidence-based and efficient exercise. Discover Strength delivers 30-minute strength training workouts, twice per week with an expert trainer, and every trainer holds a degree in Exercise Science with a focused study in Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Motor Learning, and Nutrition. Discover Strength currently has five Minnesota locations, with more on the way. Learn more at discoverstrength.com and discoverstrengthfranchise.com.

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Christina Campbell