ONLINE, Global—May 22-24, 2020—At times of unique threat, we often see remarkable people coming together. The upcoming Never Alone Summit, a live-streamed three-day event (May 22-24) is supporting mental and emotional resilience in the time of pandemic. The livestream features an incredible line-up of 72 speakers—including Deepak Chopra, Ariana Huffington, Patrick Kennedy, Russell Brand, Jewel, Mariel Hemingway, Zak Williams, Rapper Jeezy, Peter Coyote, NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis and dozens of scientists, psychologists, faith leaders, spiritual teachers, and more.

They are “speaking up” about what is being called the “second pandemic,” a mental health crisis which is expected to last longer than the COVID crisis itself.

What these speakers share in common is a concern about mental health issues, a willingness to share their stories and practices to offer to help us all cope during this difficult time. The whole summit will be available for free, and viewable on-demand after the summit.

Some 25 mental health foundations and organizations are supporting Never Alone, along with mental health advocates from the Kennedy Forum, the Fetzer Institute, One Mind, the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. And you’ll hear extraordinary, personal stories of mental health survival. The overall tone? Straight talk. Inspiration. And practices people can use today. The organizers see this as an opportunity to change the conversation around mental health in general, removing the stigma, and expanding our approaches to mental well-being.

The Never Alone Summit is hosted by the Never Alone Initiative of The Chopra Foundation and the John W Brick Mental Health Foundation. It is designed to give millions of people ways to ease stress, whether they or someone they love are feeling down, if they are on the front lines of mental health programs during this difficult time, or just want to boost their mental and emotional resilience.

Register today for this free online summit.