SAN DIEGO, CA—March 9, 2020—Inspire360 is proud to announce that the Schwinn Indoor Cycling Performance and Periodization Workshop is officially available as an online educational course.

Core Health & Fitness is a leader in developing and marketing advanced indoor cycling bikes, strength and HIIT training, as well as cardio equipment for the fitness industry with iconic brands such as Schwinn, Nautilus, StairMaster, Star Trac and Throwdown.

At Core Health & Fitness, they know how important instructor training programs and learning opportunities are to the indoor cycling community. In an ever-evolving industry, they know instructors want more content and opportunities to elevate their coaching skills that will in turn allow them to provide more for their clients and members.

In this new Schwinn Performance and Periodization Workshop, participants learn that METRICS are motivating, and POWER is King! Instructors will join Schwinn Master Trainers Keli Roberts, Jason Schneider and Janelle Veteri, and embark on a journey that will transform their coaching world. Expert riders indoors and out, the Schwinn team will make Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Training seem "fun" and provide the science of periodization to give instructors the resources to design and teach dynamic indoor cycling workouts that will produce the results members are looking for. Register now online and take advantage of an Early Adopter discounted price on this NEW workshop of $45!

Jeff Dilts, Vice President of Innovation and Product Development at Core Health & Fitness says, “We are extremely excited to expand the Core Health & Fitness online training platform with Inspire360. The launch of our Schwinn Performance and Periodization Workshop for indoor cycling has us even more excited to grow our programming partnership in 2020.”

Inspire360 empowers fitness and wellness companies to deliver beautifully branded online courses, certifications, workshops, and subscriptions. In addition to Core Health & Fitness, over 200 other world-class education companies including EXOS, TRX, BOSU, TriggerPoint, Power Systems, and Gray Institute use Inspire360 to deliver industry-leading education.

Jason Davis, President of Inspire360, said, “Schwinn always provides best-in-class education to fitness professionals and this workshop is no exception. Their course offers extremely valuable education for industry professionals to learn and grow from.”

About Inspire360

Inspire360 is passionate about helping fitness and wellness brands effortlessly deliver education to their audience. Originally developed under IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the company has used its 35 years of experience in the space to design a Certification Management System, Learning Management System, and Live Workshop Management System that specifically caters to the fitness and wellness industry. The Inspire360 platform is used by some of the most respected names in fitness like TRX, BOSU, EXOS, Gray Institute, TriggerPoint, and many more. For more information, visit the Inspire360 website.