April 25, 2022—Core Health & Fitness LLC ("Core"), a portfolio company of U.S.-based private equity firm Gainline Capital Partners LP ("Gainline"), announced late last week that it has acquired Wexer Holding LLC ("Wexer"), a leader in digital health and fitness offerings. Financial terms of the transaction are private.

The deal will provide Wexer with the funding to scale its business—including through significant acquisitions to consolidate the digital fitness sector—and drive digital adoption across the global health club sector.

Jason Leone, president of Core, said, "Coming out of Covid, commercial customers across gym and vertical market categories are placing an increased emphasis on connected fitness. Though many consumers are returning to in-person workouts, they expect to continue to complement these with connected fitness workouts, highlighting the importance of delivering an omnichannel experience."

Paul Bowman, Wexer CEO, said, "This is a momentous step for Wexer, simultaneously granting us the support, investment and distribution we need to dramatically scale our business and accelerate towards our mission of hybridizing the fitness industry.

"The opportunity to work closely with Core Health & Fitness, collaborating across its portfolio of globally recognized brands to build an even more diverse digital ecosystem, is another huge benefit of this acquisition. We are delighted with our new ownership and excited by its implications not only for Wexer, but for the sector as a whole."

Rick Sullivan, partner at Gainline, added, "As a leading B2B supplier for the global health and fitness market, we see Wexer as a natural extension of Core’s business model."

The collaboration will begin with a global roadshow designed to educate and inspire the fitness sector around the need to embrace omnichannel fitness. Exploring the powerful impact that a digital offering has on health club membership sales, up-sales and member retention, the roadshow will support operators with insights not only into why but also how to make the business-critical shift to a sustainable hybrid model.

To find out more, visit corehandf.com/core-health-fitness-acquires-wexer or email Jeff Dilts, vice president of global marketing and product innovation, at jdilts@corehandf.com.