Briarcliff Manor, NY—January 29, 2020—Dance classes at Club Fit Briarcliff were named one of Westchester County’s top workouts in the annual News12 Fitness Face-off. Multiple clubs were in competition for the top spots, with only three being selected as winners. Club Fit was nominated by long-time member Karen Goldman, who is an avid participant in the Club’s Danceology classes.

Once News12 selected a group of nominees, the process was opened up to public voting. Karen, along with Dance Instructor and Briarcliff Group Fitness Coordinator Cheryl Smith, rallied members to vote. Daily updates were posted in the Danceology Facebook group as the community came together in camaraderie and support. Enthusiastic Club Fit dancers went all-in on voting. They enlisted the help of friends and family. Staff and members from both Clubs voted. Club Fit got the word out via social media posts and an email blast.

The popular Danceology program is exclusive to Club Fit. It originated in the ‘80s as “Aerobic Dance,” which then became “Dance ‘n’ Funk” before evolving into the current “Danceology” program. The name is a reflection of scientific research that shows the myriad benefits of dance. Coordinator Sherri Moses explains: “Danceology is a complete workout for mind & body. Learning choreography keeps those brain cells firing on all cylinders. We burn calories while having a great time. Each session challenges our minds & muscles in a new way, and dancing is just good for the soul.”

After the winners were announced, News12 visited the Club to check out the class and interview Karen and Cheryl for a news segment. Participants were thrilled to see themselves on-air! It’s inspiring to have such a level of spontaneous member engagement, and a testament to the popularity of the class and its instructors.

About Club Fit

Club Fit, established in 1973 by founding partners Beth Beck and David Swope, has been an integral part of the Westchester fitness community for over 45 years, as well as a pioneer in the full-service health and fitness industry. They offer programs and classes for all ages and fitness levels, and believe in the importance of making fitness a part of everyday life, both within the club, and in the community. Visit the Club Fit website for more info.