January 15, 2020—This new solution from Broadcastvision Entertainment allows thousands of listeners to hear live local audio on their smartphone or tablet using the AudioFetch app. It’s ideal for attendees with hearing disabilities or simply those that want to clearly hear the main event over hollering vendors, cheering fans, blaring vuvuzelas and other miscellaneous event din. Any venue that draws a large crowd–sports stadiums, concert arenas, large auditoriums, indoor or outdoor amphitheaters–can use this new audio streaming solution to provide hearing assistance for attendees.

When AudioFetch was first developed, the focus was on smaller venues and smaller crowds but as the company has grown, so have the crowd sizes that want to listen. The interest from stadiums and large arenas around the world required a solution for mass listening.

For the stadium or event venue, it works similarly to our other local audio streaming products. Just three easy steps get you up and running: 1. Connect the audio source(s) to AudioFetch using the included cables; 2. Connect the AudioFetch to the WiFi router; and 3. Attendees download the AudioFetch App and listen in real-time. (And if you want to get technical, that’s really only two steps on you!)

For attendees, it’s the exact same process as any other venue. Simply download the AudioFetch App for Apple or Android, connect to the local WiFi and start listening!

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