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Brand Reinvention: Become Unique, Passionate and Distinctive in Your Community

Thursday, April 9 | 2:00pm-3:00pm (EDT)
Shannon Malooly, NSCA-CPT, Membership Sales & Marketing Director, The Claremont Club
Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to create value, deepen member's perceptions and discover ways to unlock their true sense of belonging.
  • Define your passion and give your members and staff a higher sense of purpose.
  • Discover how to build a community of ‘healthy living' by creating raving fans and inspiring those beyond your membership base.
  • Obtain ideas on programs and systems that will help differentiate your club.
  • Learn how to reveal the potential behind your brand and explore the ways you can lead the masses beyond traditional health and fitness options.

Presenter Profile:
Shannon Malooly is the Membership Sales and Marketing Director at The Claremont Club. She has over 12 years of experience in the fitness and health industry. Malooly has been nationally certified as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor for over a decade and is a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist. She was formerly a Group Exercise and Pilates Director. Malooly is passionate about branding, building community and inspiring wellness.

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Sales Excellence: Tips, Tactics & Strategies to Long-Term Success

Thursday, May 7 | 2:00pm-3:00pm (EDT)
Mark Miller, Vice President, Merritt Athletic Clubs
Learning Objectives:

  • Explore new ways to manage and structure yourself and your sales team for success.
  • Obtain creative strategies to drive quality prospects to your club throughout the entire year.
  • Review key components of the sales process that must be in place to ensure long-term results and success.
  • Uncover the gaps in systems and structures and learn how you can improve them to advance your business to the next level.
  • Discover why the simple act of WHAT and HOW you sell a membership can have a huge impact on retention.

Presenter Profile:
Mark Miller is currently the Vice President at Merritt Athletic Clubs and has 15 plus years of experience at the Senior Management level. Miller joined the Merritt Team in 2000 as Regional Fitness Director responsible for all fitness and programming operations. In his capacity as Vice President he is responsible for all the day to day operations and culture development within all of the clubs.

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Proven & Profitable Fitness Marketing Strategies

Thursday, May 21 | 2:00pm-3:00pm (EDT)
Alan Leach, Regional Manager, West Wood Clubs, IRELAND
Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the secrets of highly-profitable fitness club marketing.
  • Gain insight into the fastest, easiest and most profitable ways to flood your club with sales leads.
  • Explore the importance of branding and discover what defines a great club brand.
  • Learn how to maximize your profits by aligning strategic and tactical marketing plans and goals.
  • Review effective web marketing strategies.
  • Obtain successful club marketing benchmarks on cost of sales and leads, sales closing ratios and ideal marketing budgets.

Presenter Profile:
Alan Leach is the Regional Manager of West Wood Clubs. He has 30 years of experience in club sales, marketing and management. At West Wood, which has 20,000 plus members at 3 locations, Leach used his proven sales and marketing strategies to increase sales by 62%, dues revenue by 42% and overall membership numbers by 31% within 2 years. Recently, Ireland’s devastating economic recession, which resulted in a 250% increase in unemployment, and the onslaught of budget clubs has seen the major chains in Ireland go out of business. However, Leach, charging prices ten times higher that his closest competitor achieved record sales again in 2014.

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IHRSA webinars are value-priced at $39 each ($79 non-IHRSA member price).

Each webinar purchased will provide you with access to the live presentation of your choice for as many of your staff as you choose, plus all downloadable materials, and unlimited access to the archived webinar for sixty days. The fee includes one webinar connection and one set of handouts for unlimited attendees at one location.

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IHRSA webinars are always great and timely. I love hearing from successful and highly motivated people in the industry. It's easy to feel insular in your local market, so this really helps keep me motivated. Thanks IHRSA!
- Scott McCallum, Digital Marketing Manager Courthouse Athletic Club Auburn, CA

IHRSA webinars are professional and informative. Well worth the time investment.
- Beth Gillespie, Saco Sport & Fitness

I appreciate the relevance and detailed content of the IHRSA webinar topics that I can immediately put into use at our Club.
- Danielle Williams, Fitness Director, Ojai Valley Athletic Club

The information provided during the January webinar was educational, applicable and interesting. I will definitely participate in the next webinar offered.
- Jason Moore, General Manager, Core Fitness

The December webinar material will be used in every initial training session for our new staff and personal trainers. It sets a tone of caring about our customers and a methodology of instituting great practices to keep us close and custom fit to each individual member's needs.
- Stephen G Rising, CEO, Anytime Fitness - Cleveland West Park and Cleveland Clifton Centre

The December webinar presented practical information that can be easily implemented.
- Emily Skelton, Assistant General Manager, All-Access Fitness Academy

I love your webinars, what a great way to get helpful, professional content in the comfort of your own office!
- Laura Klein, Wellness Director, The Thoreau Club

The webinar was so helpful and valuable. Lots of great information that I feel will make our fitness department more profitable!
- Stephanie Howell, Program Director, Cross Gates Family Fitness

After listening to the IHRSA webinar, I now have an action plan I can put into play at my clubs today! It contained very practical information.
- Kristie Stevens, Owner, Anytime Fitness - Tupelo

The "Raving Fans" webinar was awesome. I was so excited about the content provided that I could barely wait until the end to get started on all the great ideas.
- Scott Christensen, Owner, Anytime Fitness - Suffolk, VA

The webinar with Trina Gray was truly inspiring and motivating. Just when you think you have tried it all it's nice to have a fresh perspective and great marketing ideas.
- Connie Cook, Fitness Director, Fit Athletic Club, Inc. - San Diego

Every club owner, manager and anyone aspiring to grow in the fitness industry must take advantage of all the IHRSA related programs, webinars and tools. Their experience and dedication is the backbone to our ever increasingly important industry.
- Lauren Eller, Fitness Formula

Informative, motivating and easy to attend!
- Dahdri McCormick, Parkpoint Health Club

We're always looking for ways of staying ahead of the competition and new ways of enhancing our members' experience. The Webinars have been a valuable resource.
- James Arrington, Anytime Fitness – Conyers, GA

Excellent seminar! Was a great use of my time. The speaker gave very specific ideas on how to better market our club, how to improve customer service, and the importance of branding our club in the community.
- Stacey Mullet, Super Fitness