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President/CEO: Joe Moore
Chief Operating Officer (COO): Anita Horne Lawlor
Executive Vice President of Public Policy: Helen Durkin, J.D.
Executive Vice President of Global Products: Jay M. Ablondi

Business Operations Division

Vice President of Human Resources: Regina Satagaj Orrock
Assistant VP of Business & Finance: Michelle Young, MBA
Accounting Manager: Lauren Carpenter
Fulfillment Manager: Delphine K. Ebo
Receptionist: Debbi Kellner


Global Public Policy Division

Executive Vice President of Public Policy: Helen Durkin, J.D.
Vice President of Government Relations and Health Promotion: Amy Bantham
Senior Legislative Analyst: Tim Sullivan
Health Promotion Manager: Alexandra Black
Fundraising for Public Policy and Global Public Policy: Meredith Poppler
Public Policy Communications Coordinator: Shannon Vogler
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Business Development Division

Vice President - Exhibit Sales: Tom Hunt 
Vice President - Sponsorship and Business Development: Lynne Devaney
Senior Manager Sponsorship & Promotions: Theresa L. Duffy
Trade Show Manager - Logistics: Jeff McNally


Global Membership Division

Vice President of International Operations: Catherine Masterson McNeil
Associate VP of International Operations: Alison O'Kane Giannaras
Director of IHRSA Europe: Hans Muench
Director of IHRSA Asia-Pacific: John Holsinger
Senior Manager Latin America: Jacqueline Antunes
International Operations Manager: Blakely Sullivan
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Vice President - Member Experience and Development: Pam O'Donnell
Senior Service Project Manager: Tara Verity
Senior Sales Manager: Nicole Johnson
Membership Account Representative: Chris Hixson
Membership Account Representative: Carolynn Jordan
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Senior Marketing Manager: Alba Valentin
Marketing & Design Manager: Rob Langone
Marketing Manager: Katie Willis


Global Products Division

Executive Vice President of Global Products: Jay M. Ablondi

Vice President of Meetings & Trade Shows: William Dussor
Senior Manager, Meetings & Education: Marc Gagnon
Meetings Manager, Logistics & Sponsorship: Marian Wolff
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Vice President of Information Technology: Tom Durkin
Senior Information Technology Manager: Bert Rodriguez
Senior Web Production Manager: Rachel Yaffe
Association Management Systems Administrator: Stanley Tran
Information Technology Assistant: Anthony Renford Wilkinson

Vice President of Advertising & Membership Sales: Michele Eynon
Senior Account Executive: Donna Garrity
Business Development Publications: Will Finn
Associate Publisher: Kristen Walsh
Senior Research Manager: Melissa Rodriguez
Associate Service Manager: Meghan Tassinari
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