Speaker Guidelines & Requirements

For all of our annual educational programming and monthly webinars, IHRSA is looking for individuals who can share their professional 'best practices' to other health club owners, managers and staff on all levels, both domestically and internationally.

If you have a story to tell, and feel others can benefit from your experiences, we encourage you to apply to speak at an upcoming program.

Upcoming Submission Deadlines:

  • IHRSA 2018 - Deadline was on May 31, 2017. Applications submitted will be kept on file.
  • IHRSA Webinars: Ongoing

To assist you with the application process, please review the guidelines below or contact our education team at any time. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of the education program?

To provide attendees with the following:

  • Content that is forward-thinking, relevant and actionable
  • Emerging trends, concepts, solutions and best practices that may be immediately implemented
  • Knowledge to develop growth initiatives and become a catalyst for innovation

I’m employed by an industry supplier . . . can I submit a Speaker Application?

IHRSA will not accept proposal submissions made by industry suppliers. If you are interested in sponsoring a Supplier Seminar please contact Lynne Devaney, Vice President of Sponsorship at sponsorship@ihrsa.org.

How many people may speak during a session?

Education sessions are limited to the maximum of two co-presenters. Panel discussions can accommodate up to 3 panelists plus a moderator.

Who is eligible to present an education session?

Feedback from IHRSA members and attendees has overwhelmingly indicated they are looking to hear from club operators. Therefore, speakers should be operators from IHRSA member clubs. IHRSA will, however, consider proven experts operating from outside the club industry on a case-by-case basis.

What will I need to submit a speaker application?

  • Contact details including speaker name, job title, club/company affiliation, mailing address, email address, and telephone number
  • Brief bio in paragraph format
  • Session title
  • 5 learning objectives that will explain what you are looking to deliver to attendees
  • Past speaking experience
  • What does IHRSA provide to each approved speaker?

For IHRSA’s Annual Convention each approved speaker is provided with a complimentary event registration as well as one night of accommodations at an official event hotel.

Will the session be recorded?

Most education sessions and panel discussions at IHRSA’s Annual Convention are audio and video recorded. These recordings are made available for sale through the IHRSA Store. Each presenter is provided a copy of the recording of their session.

Are handout materials permitted?

Speakers are encouraged to provide approved handout materials to attendees. IHRSA provides the means to do so via the IHRSA website and/or mobile app. Speakers may also distribute hard copies in the sessions at their own expenses. Promotional and sales based literature may not be distributed at any time.

Can I promote a product or service during the session?

To maintain the program's credibility and attractiveness, sales are prohibited in the education sessions. More specifically, education sessions may not be used as a sales platform for any speaker’s company, products, or services. However, speakers may exchange business cards and other contact information to interested parties to connect with them upon request.

Can I sell books, DVDs or other products in the education session?

Sales are not allowed in the session rooms. However, speakers may have their books sold in the onsite IHRSA Store. Once selected as a speaker, authors and/or publishers can contact IHRSA’s Store partner. DVDs, tapes and other products may also be sold at the discretion of IHRSA. All negotiations, agreements and obligations, including but not limited to logistics and refunds, are strictly between the speaker and the IHRSA Store partner. Speakers that have been selected will be provided with contact information.