Health Club Membership Sales & Marketing Resources

To help you bolster your health club's performance, we’ve assembled a growing list of resources in this section—columns from experts, IHRSA Best Practices, a long list of publications available in the IHRSA Store and presentations from past IHRSA Conventions.


Membership Sales & Marketing Best Practices

Best Practices feature answers from experts from both inside and outside the health club industry to thought-provoking questions on a wide range of topics.

How to Best Market a Club That’s Under New Ownership

How can we market a club that’s under new ownership to let consumers know we’re making major changes to what had been a mismanaged facility?

How to Ask Why a Member is Joining Your Club

When guests visit our clubs, we’re generally only able to scratch the surface in terms of identifying their primary motivation, because we haven’t yet had a chance to establish a rapport with them. How to receive more than superficial answers.

Month-to-Month Contracts

No-contract memberships are becoming increasingly popular. What are the main benefits? How does a club stay afloat on a month-to-month membership basis?

Hints on how to make sales staff good, not lucky.

How can I train my sales staff to rely less on luck, and, instead, go out there and make it happen?


The IHRSA Store

We regularly conduct market research about the size and scope of the global health club industry, and we also survey consumer attitudes and perceptions about commercial health and sports clubs.