IHRSA Research Reports

IHRSA's signature research reports are among the most quoted and referenced in the industry. Just take a look at what we publish for you and visit ihrsa.org/store to choose from our entire inventory of informational and educational products.


The IHRSA Health Club Equipment Report: Spending, Utilization & Programming Trends, sponsored by Precor, provides in-depth analysis and insights on health club equipment practices. Topics covered include space allocation, spending, replacement cycles, units in operation, and utilization in training programs. Detailed dashboards break out data by club type, size, and profitability. Also provided are infographics of popular equipment and member utilization trends. Download a free preview.


The IHRSA Health Club Business Handbook: The Ultimate Investor and Operator Guide to Gyms, Studios and Fitness Centers is an updated and revised edition of IHRSA's Guide to the Health Club Industry for Lender's and Investors, one of IHRSA's most popular publications. Continuing the tradition of The Lender's Guide, the IHRSA Health Club Business Handbook is designed to help club owners, managers, and investors understand the market conditions in which clubs operate in order to help their businesses succeed. Download a free preview.


The 2017 IHRSA Global Report (published in May 2017) is the most up-to-date publication on the global fitness business. The report consists of a comprehensive industry overview including input from several industry leaders. The Industry Research section details the market size and scope of the Americas, Europe, Middle East & North Africa and Asia-Pacific markets. The Company Profiles section highlights more than 300 leading club companies from around the world, including financial and membership information. The last section of the report includes supplier profiles, which provides clubs with useful information about industry-leading products and services.



The 2017 Profiles of Success provides a detailed analysis of the annual performance of leading health and fitness clubs, including results in key metrics such as revenue, membership growth and retention, traffic, payroll, non-dues revenue, and EBITDA. Club reinvestment and profit center analysis as well as income statement and balance sheet data are also provided.


The 2017 IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Report, published in March 2017, is based on survey data provided by leading IHRSA member health clubs in the U.S. and Canada. The report provides compensation information for senior management/corporate staff, salaried club-level employees, and hourly club-level employees. Salary information for select job titles is provided by geographical region, company type, and size in number of units and total annual sales. The report also provides a brief macroeconomic outlook on compensation and unemployment. Also available in 3 value-priced parts.


The 2017 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report provides detailed insight into the participation trends of both member and non-member consumers in U.S. health club facilities. The report is based on analysis of 24,134 online interviews that were conducted with a nationwide sample of individuals and households in 2017.


One Million Strong, sponsored by Life Fitness and written by Dr. Paul Bedford, provides a comprehensive analysis of more than one million member records in North America. The report reviews retention measures and examines member retention, attrition, duration, and sales trends by gender, age group, country (U.S. and Canada), and club type (chain and independent). Also included are analyses of the impact of retention on income and practical insights for club operators.


The 2015 IHRSA Asia-Pacific Health Club Report, sponsored by Precor, provides a comprehensive analysis of sixteen markets in the Asia-Pacific. Compiled in collaboration with Deloitte, this report should be the first stop for anyone in the health club industry to find data about the region. It examines membership penetration rates, market size, market potential, average commercial club monthly membership, market share of top players, number of fitness clubs, economic outlook, and more.


The IHRSA Health Club Consumer Seasonal Report (Winter 2016) examines American health club consumer demographics, activity participation, and attendance preferences. Based on data gathered from October 2014 - March 2015, this installment also provides data and analyses of consumer engagement by gender, household income, and age group.


Published in September 2016 by MANAGEMENT AROUND SPORTS in conjunction with the University of Alcalá de Madrid, The Market Report on Spanish Health Clubs is the most comprehensive survey and overview of the Spanish health club market available anywhere. Sponsored by Precor, the report contains information and analysis on the total number of health clubs in Spain, membership structures, pricing information, facility size, amenities offered, health club consumer demographics and much more. English language translation and graphic design funded by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).


The IHRSA European Health Club Report, a comprehensive examination of market conditions in Europe, was published in October 2013 and is sponsored by FIBO, Les Mills, miha bodytec and OJMAR. The report examines market size, health club membership data, dues, and penetration rates on key health club markets in Europe. In addition, the report profiles 100 leading club operators in Europe, including Fitness First, Virgin Active, Health City, Fitness World, SATS, and Elixia.


Published in December 2016, this report is the first comprehensive publication of the fitness market in Mexico. It is a valuable resource for the health club industry and investment community. Data on health and economic indicators, market size & scope, and club benchmarks are provided, along with insights for health club operators and stakeholders. This report is sponsored by Movement Fitness Equipment and is supported by Mercado Fitness. This report is written in both English & Spanish.


This report is available Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The IHRSA Latin American Report (Second Edition), is the most comprehensive examination of key Latin American health club markets available anywhere. Sponsored by Hoist Fitness, this research publication was produced in collaboration with Mercado Fitness and supported by Fitness Brasil. Key statistics such as number of members, penetration rate, industry revenue, and number of clubs, are included for 18 markets in Latin America. The report also provides in-depth analyses of economic and lifestyle indicators in the region as well as industry topics such as club leaders, fitness & technology, the impact of taxes, the growth of low-cost & boutique clubs, and more.


The IHRSA Canadian Health Club Report (published in December 2013), sponsored by Orangetheory® Fitness, is the first-ever industry report on the Canadian health club industry. Produced in partnership with Fitness Business Canada, canfitpro, and Fitness Industry Council of Canada, this report provides a comprehensive overview of the Canadian fitness industry and insights from club operators, investors, experts, and other key stakeholders.


In the club business knowing your numbers is critical to success. IHRSA's new, computer-based Financial Management Tool is a planning and financial management tool that will give you a professional edge and change the way you do business. Its complete set of connected financial statements will help you increase profits and improve cash flow.

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The 2011 IHRSA International Report, which is sponsored by Life Fitness, was published in June 2011. It focuses on the health club industry in the Asia-Pacific region, with a snapshot of mature markets in Europe. Highlights of this publication include: a fitness macroeconomic overview; prevalent club operating models; competitive analysis; individual country market reports; and industry prospects and trends. Download the full table of contents of this report (PDF).


The Future is Bright: U.S. Health Club Employment Outlook focuses on personal trainers and group exercise instructors and contains several case studies of successful clubs, highlighting some of the recruiting, staffing and retention strategies utilized. The report is divided into five sections: personal trainers and fitness instructors employment and trends; Job Requirements; Current Compensation & Benefits; Drivers for Growth; and Case Studies.