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To help you bolster your personal training revenues, we’ve assembled a list of resources on all aspects of personal training management, from the advocacy related issues, management and sales to human resources. These columns are from industry experts, IHRSA Best Practices, IHRSA publications and presentations from IHRSA Conventions and Webinars. 

Advocacy Issues Related to Personal Training:

Accreditation: How do you know if her certification has adequately prepared her for the job? Moreover, how do you know if her certification is from a real company and not just some sham acronym with a website? 

RegulationPoorly written personal trainer regulations have the potential to substantially increase the costs trainers incur to comply with requirements; reduce, if not temporarily eliminate, the pool of trainers available for hire, and pose major financial threats to clubs that generate revenue from training.

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers from Industry Experts

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