Worldwide Guest Privileges for Your Members Who Travel with the IHRSA Passport Program

The IHRSA Passport Program entitles members of participating clubs to enjoy guest access at more than 1,700 clubs worldwide when they travel. Participation is free to IHRSA clubs, but enrollment is required.

For more than 30 years the Passport Program has proven an invaluable benefit of IHRSA membership. Read more about the IHRSA Passport Program in a past CBI feature

Here's How it Works

The Passport Program is easy for clubs to implement and even easier for your members to use! They need only follow a few basic steps:

  1. Obtain valid Passport I.D. from their home club
  2. Visit to locate a club in the area where they will be traveling
  3. Call ahead to confirm the availability of the facilities, as well as any guest fees that may apply

…upon arrival at the club, they present their Passport I.D., pay the guest fee and they’re in!

Participation Requirements

  • It's reciprocal!  Clubs that participate must be willing to accept Passport guests from other participating clubs (located at least 50 miles/80 kilometers away). 
  • Regular guest fees at least 50%  As a condition of participation, clubs are required to discount their regular guest fee by at least 50% for Passport guests.

Online Toolkit: Everything a Participating Club Needs

Participating clubs have access to a wide variety of resources to train staff, and promote and sell the program. The online toolkit includes everything from posters and marketing copy to program logos and Passport identification.

Important Reminders about the IHRSA Passport Program:

  • The IHRSA Passport Program is not intended for temporary membership privileges, or for transferring a membership. It is designed for use on a short-term visitation basis only. Any offer extended beyond this time is left to the discretion of the host club.
  • Passport guests may only visit clubs that are located at least 50 miles/80 kilometers away from your home club.
  • Passport guests should be treated with the same level of respect as your own members.
  • Not all IHRSA clubs choose to participate in the program, but only IHRSA clubs are eligible.
  • For your protection, IHRSA suggests that clubs always ask for proper identification from your Passport guests.

Is my club enrolled in the IHRSA Passport Program?

To find out, visit and conduct a search in the area where your club is located. Only clubs that participate will appear in the search results.

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