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LIBERTYVILLE, IL, March 14, 2016 – SPRI Products will host their 2nd annual Reps for ALS Challenge at the IHRSA 2016 Convention & Trade Show held March 21 – 24 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. 

SPRI’s The Reps for ALS Challenge is an event that all attendees of the IHRSA Convention are invited to partake in.is open to all attendees of the 2016 IHRSA Convention, with the goal of performing 20,000 collective exercise repetitions.  The goal is to collectively perform 20,000 reps of any exercise, and once that goal is completed, SPRI will donate $10,000 to Augie’s Quest, an organization whose sole purpose cause that IHRSA has supported for many years.

The purpose of Augie’s Quest is to fund research and drug development aimed at ending ALS. Over $44 million has been raised since 2007 making it the largest individual fundraising program for ALS.  Reps will be counted in early morning classes where SPRI is presenting, as well as four stations at the SPRI Booth including Move Free, Body Weight Training, Weighted Resistance and Recovery. There will also be a social media campaign using the hashtag #reps4forals, where anyone can perform reps anywhere and have those reps go towards the 20,000 rep goal. 


SPRI will also kick off their “Better Every Day” brand campaign at the IHRSA Convention.  The Better Every Day concept not only frames SPRI’s corporate commitment, began as in internal way of thinking at SPRI, and over time it became clear that it applied not only to SPRI as a company but also to all of its professional educators and end-users and end-users of their products as well.  Says Herb Flentye, President of SPRI says, “Better Every Day is a concept that rewards commitment and turns seemingly insurmountable goals into tangible achievements.   It’s a simple, yet effective approach to lasting change and improvement.”   As an organization, it is SPRI’s mission to inspire and support the goals and efforts of each of our customers in their journey to be “better every day”. 

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