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Personal20 Electro Fitness Boutique Studios opened its first unit in Silicon Oasis, Dubai this Sunday.

After Washington DC, Portugal and Spain, this is the first unit in Dubai.   Two more units will open in the UAE in June: Dubai Jumeirah and Abu Dhabi Mushrif Mall.

All staff are from Europe: The manager Liana from Ukraine, the female Personal Trainer Laura is from the UK and the male Personal Trainer Tomas is from Check Republic.

Personal20 Silicon Oasis has 2 studios, one for men and one for women.

Sara Al Sulaimani, sister of the UAE  Master Franchisee cut the ribbon. Also present was the franchisee Shinju Josh and the co-founder of Personal20 Pedro Ruiz.

The Master Franchise contract was signed in January at the Portuguese Ambassador´s residency in Abu Dhabi.

This training method has been used for over 30 years by professional and amateur athletes and it highly regarded by doctors and physiotherapists in Europe.

Now Fitness Professionals can deliver a whole body electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) workout with all the benefits of increasing strength, body-shaping, and back-pain relief.  This technology has been used for several years in Germany, Spain, Belgium and Hungary. 

Naturally our muscles achieve movement when the brain sends electrical impulses.  Wearing a special suit set with 10 pairs of electrodes, EMS also sends electrical impulses to our muscles.  Highly effective results can be obtained when combined with exercise.

The training is very versatile with 3 different impulses.  Low impulse stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system.  This is effective for muscle relaxation and cellulite elimination.  The medium impulse is appropriate for cardio fitness training with muscles contracting and relaxing.  The high impulse reaches deep muscle tissues not easily reached by conventional exercises.  Used for muscle building, toning, weight loss and recovery after childbirth.