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Motionsoft Launches MoSoClubâ„¢

June 1, 2016, Rockville, MDMotionsoft, the leader in software and payment solutions for consumer based businesses, including gyms, fitness clubs, corporate fitness facilities and, hospital and universities today announced the launch of MoSoClub, a club management software solution for small and mid- sized clubs.

A demonstration webinar will be held on Tuesday, June 9 th at 2:00pm EDT lighlighting the power, reporting flexibility and ease of use of MoSoClub. Registration is required. MoSoClub is a tab-based software solution. What does that mean? MoSoClub gives you and your staff a complete 360-degree view of your member’s entire account information from demographics to financial information all on one screen. MoSoClub makes going digital a breeze with easy uploading of documents with no file size restrictions. Electronic contracts and other agreements will make believers out of anyone while tidying up your club experience.
Your club needs fast, robust and responsive software. Fast software when your staff has lots of members checking in for your most popular Tuesday 6:30 pm cycling class. That’s why MoSoClub runs on an enterprise-grade tier 4 data center.
What will really convince club owners and operators to use MoSoClub? The best Check-in tool in the industry.
Designed exclusively for gyms, MoSoClub Front Desk Check-in allows front desk staff to redeem PT packages as well as being able to tracking members' purchases such as towel service or daycare. Front Desk Check-in works with the most sophisticated entry systems in the marketplace from key-tags, card readers and RFID (radio-frequency identification) and it can activate turnstiles or magnetically lock doors in under a second. 
What makes MoSoClub standout from other club management solutions is our new member management software is a superior staff-facing solution and, an innovative member-facing platform.
MoSoClub is easy to use too. Your staff can login to your software from a browser on a computer terminal at the club or you can access your software while the beach from your computer to see who punched into work and, when. You won’t have to download any software. Your software is digital: everything is in the cloud including member agreements, waivers, PT contracts – everything!
What our customers really like is the slick data-driven reporting you can create with MoSoClub. Use your member data to drive deeper into more meaningful insights and engagement opportunities. MoSoClub will give your facility the power to know your members so that you can create great club experiences every member expects.
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