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Master Lock Enhances Classic Lock Design With Launch Of Magnification Combination Padlock

MILWAUKEE, Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- From the iconic security solutions brand, Master Lock, comes the Magnification Combination Padlock – the latest example of innovation born from consumer insights. Featuring a larger font size and an all-new optical grade 360-degree magnification lens, the Master Lock Magnification Combination Padlock offers a convenient, secure and thoughtfully designed solution to address users' combination lock challenges.

"After listening closely to user feedback on our wide variety of personal padlocks, we found that a number of our customers were experiencing difficulties with reading the small numbers on their locks," said Cris Smyczek, Senior Product Manager at Master Lock. "The new Magnification Combination Padlock is meant to be an innovative and welcome solution for those older users with an active lifestyle and young professionals who encounter challenges reading their combinations due to farsightedness."

"With 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 50, and even younger adults experiencing tired eyes due to digital eye strain, a substantial portion of our population needs at least some form of correction for reading and near range. When plans include exercise or other activities to stay fit and healthy, many patients choose to go without their glasses, making some tasks more difficult than they should be," said Dr. Artis Beatty, Chief Medical Officer at MyEyeDr. "The clearly-magnified and large, easy-to-turn dial on the Master Lock Magnification Combination Padlock gives patients a better option when they decide to leave their glasses or contacts in their gym or spa locker."

Master Lock Magnification Combination Padlock Benefits:

  • Enhanced Visibility – Features an innovative, optical grade 360-degree magnification lens and larger font size to eliminate user guesswork while dialing their combination.
  • Exceptional Security – Optical grade 360-degree magnification lens obscures combination from nearby onlookers to ensure user's belongings are safe from intruders.
  • Innovative Solution with a Familiar Interface - Rotary dial features classic right-left-right functionality with tactile feedback and a large font in all-numbered positions for precision dialing.
  • Comfortable Construction - Built with a soft touch dial and textured perimeter ring for no-slip grip while dialing.
  • Increased Speed - Prominent alignment indicator enables faster dialing while unlocking on the go.

Designed to ease strain on a user's eyes with its magnified-yet-secure design, the new Master Lock Magnification Combination Padlock was created with users of all ages and abilities in mind. So no matter if at the gym, at school or at home, users can be confident their items are safe, secure and easily accessible when entry is needed, whether wearing their glasses, or not.

The Master Lock Magnification Combination Padlock is now available for customers on Amazon.com and at select retailers.

For more information on the Master Lock's catalogue of personal padlocks, visit http://www.masterlock.com/personal-use.

About Master Lock

The Master Lock Company is recognized around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products. The Master Lock Company offers a broad range of innovative security and safety solutions for consumer, commercial, and industrial end-users. The Master Lock Company LLC is an operating unit of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc., a leading consumer brands company. Headquartered in Deerfield, Ill., Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc. (NYSE: FBHS), is included in the S&P 500 Index. For more information about Master Lock visit www.masterlock.com.



Master Lock showcases the latest in electronic locker security at IHRSA 2017 – designed to elevate the experience for facility managers and users

After years of dedicated research and development, Master Lock, the world leader in locker lock technology, will unveil its new Electronic Built-In Locker Lock at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) trade show.

The Master Lock Electronic Built-In Locker Lock elevates the experience for both facility managers and users with its modern design, advanced performance and low maintenance. It boasts a new level of innovation, including an easy-to-use display screen for intuitive operation, long battery life to reduce operating costs, and anti-jamming features for reliable security. The Electronic Built-In Locker Lock is perfect for health clubs, gyms, spas and country clubs and the technology is also ideal for other industries where high performance is expected, such as universities and health care.

“As more industries adopt electronic locker locks to modernize and drive efficiency for their managers, and provide ease of use for their clients, they looked to the trusted Master Lock brand,” said Kevin McCarthy, product manager for locker locks. “We responded with an advanced electronic locker lock that offers a sleek look, provides strong, reliable security and reduces maintenance time and costs. Our new Electronic Built-In Locker Lock elevates the experience, offering our customers the functionality they need to excel in their businesses.”

In developing the Electronic Built-In Locker Lock, Master Lock conducted extensive research with leading distributors and OEMs, end users, facility managers and architects to understand top pain points with existing products and identify features customers wanted most. These insights led to the development of Master Lock’s market-leading Electronic Built-In Locker Lock.

Master Lock Electronic Built-In Locker Lock Benefits: 

  • High-end aesthetics – Made from high-quality materials and finishes, including a brushed nickel-plated zinc body, a clear display and a high-gloss 12-digit keypad, the Electronic Built-In Locker Lock complements modern facility designs with its sophisticated look.
  • Cost effectiveness – Powered by a single CR123A 3V lithium battery that can last over three years, the Electronic Built-In Locker Lock can provide facility owners significant savings in terms of reduced battery purchases and replacement labor compared to products currently on the market.
  • Intuitive operation – Master Lock designed the Electronic Built-In Locker Lock for ease of use by both end users and facility managers. For end users, the display screen shows vacancy status, provides real-time code-entry feedback and clearly indicates lock status so they can be confident their possessions are secured. Facility managers appreciate the low-battery warning icon and the ability to easily configure the lock for single- or multi-user settings.
  • Reliable locking mechanism – The Electronic Built-In Locker Lock withstands high-moisture environments common in locker rooms. Its bolt mechanism also responds to common jam conditions, such as bolt obstruction and back pressure caused by overstuffed lockers. If not securely locked, the jam sensor alerts users via visual and audible error notifications – when unjammed, the lock automatically advances to the correct state, providing users with peace of mind knowing their items are secure.


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Master Lock to feature game changing locker lock solutions at IHRSA

(MILWAUKEE, WIS.) – March 14, 2016 – When the doors open for the 35th annual IHRSA International Convention and Trade Show, March 22-23 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Master Lock (booth 1240) will showcase the new Bluetooth® Smart padlock and the popular Multi-User built-in mechanical lock. After experiencing a very successful debut at the event last year, Master Lock is anticipating similar results.

“From a locker perspective, it doesn’t get any better than these two products for the latest in advanced security,” said Kevin McCarthy, Master Lock Product Manager for Locker Locks, who indicated the company’s traditional locker locks will also be on display at IHRSA 2016.

“The Bluetooth Smart padlock represents the best new technology and recognizes how the world functions today. Many people use their smartphones for multiple daily routines in their lives, and the Bluetooth app is the perfect extension for active people. The Multi-User lock has been in high demand since it was introduced two years ago. One of its major advantages is the convenience factor for users and staff alike. It saves a tremendous amount of time, and time is a commodity many people cherish.”

 Master Lock will exhibit two Bluetooth Smart products at IHRSA, the 4400D indoor padlock and the 4401DLH outdoor padlock. Both locks omit the need for traditional keys or combinations because a user’s smartphone acts as a key. The user can share and control temporary or permanent access to the lock, allowing 24/7 accessibility or limiting it to days or nights only.

When Bluetooth is enabled, the lock will unlock upon touch. When Bluetooth is not available, a directional code on the lock keypad can be used as an alternative. Set-up is straightforward - download the free Master Lock Vault eLocks app and when prompted, enter the lock’s activation

code that comes with the lock. Bluetooth users can take advantage of many conveniences on their smartphones, such as monitoring lock activity, accessing its history and receiving updates when the battery needs to be replaced.


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