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GoodLife Fitness to ‘light it up blue’ for World Autism Awareness Day

[London, ON]— GoodLife Fitness will illuminate its Home Office building in blue lights this Sunday, April 2, as part of the ‘Light it Up Blue’ campaign to mark World Autism Awareness Day.

After his daughter Kilee was diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder at age two and a half, GoodLife Fitness founder and CEO David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans made it his mission to support awareness and research to help Canadians living with autism spectrum disorder, which now affects one in every 68 Canadian children. Patch urges Canadian businesses and individuals to find their own ways to ‘light it up blue’ for autism awareness.

“My daughter, who is now 21, continues to teach me important lessons about gratitude, perseverance and joy,” says Patch, who was awarded the 2007 Canadian Medical Association Medal of Honour for his support of autism initiatives. “On April 2, the world celebrates how far we have come in autism education, research, early diagnosis, and awareness. A lot of hard work is yet to be done, but I am comforted knowing these kids and adults are in the hearts and minds of so many caring people around the globe.”

On Friday, March 31, GoodLife Fitness will host a ‘Bluetique’ event for staff at their Home Office. Associates can donate to autism research and treat themselves to a blue manicure or blue hair chalk to mark the occasion and generate conversations, awareness and support for families and individuals living with autism. Patch kicked off the events, and conversations, this week by painting the ‘light it up blue’ logo on his face.

To date, GoodLife’s CEO has donated $11.5 million to autism-related initiatives. Some of these initiatives include:

Patch highlights the challenges he had when his daughter was first diagnosed saying that, “help was virtually non-existent.”

“I applaud Autism Speaks Canada and the many organizations that are working hard to raise awareness for autism spectrum disorder and for the fantastic resources they have created to help educate the public,” says Patch.

"The 'Light It Up Blue' campaign celebrates World Autism Awareness Day by encouraging people to spread awareness and increased understanding about autism, leading us all to a more inclusive community. We rely on companies like GoodLife Fitness to lead the way by keeping autism top-of-mind and support families and individuals living with autism spectrum disorder,” said Jill Farber, Executive Director, Autism Speaks Canada. “Thank you, GoodLife, for your leadership,"

For Canadians looking to get involved, Autism Speaks Canada offers resources, like social media tools and fundraising materials, to make it easy to participate in the ‘Light it up Blue’ campaign. The Autism Speaks Canada website offers more information about support those living with autism spectrum disorder.

About GoodLife Fitness

Proudly Canadian since 1979, GoodLife Fitness is the largest fitness club chain in Canada and the fourth largest overall in the world. With over 375 clubs from coast-to-coast, including GoodLife Fitness, Fit4Less by GoodLife and ÉconoFitness Clubs, approximately 13,300 employees and more than 1.3 million members, GoodLife is helping to transform the health and wellness of 1 in 28 Canadians.  www.goodlifefitness.com

About Autism Speaks Canada

Autism Speaks Canada is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.  We do this through collaboration with community partners; increasing understanding and acceptance of autism spectrum disorder; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.  Through partnerships and collaboration, we are committed to: 

  • Increasing global understanding & acceptance of autism
  • Being a catalyst for research breakthroughs
  • Increasing early-childhood screenings & timely interventions
  • Improving the transition to adulthood
  • Ensuring access to reliable information & services throughout the life span.

Go to www.autismspeaks.ca to learn more.


Canadians favour fitness over finances when it comes to 2017 resolutions

London, Ontario – One in three (33%) Canadians say improving their personal fitness and nutrition is their top new year’s resolution, compared with only 21 per cent who chose to focus on financial goals, based on a recent Ipsos survey.

The survey, conducted on behalf of GoodLife Fitness, also found 13 per cent of Canadians resolved to dedicate more time to travel and leisure, 11 per cent plan to quit bad habits like smoking or drinking, and 10 per cent would spend more time with family and friends.

“It’s great to see more Canadians choosing fitness and nutrition as their number one resolution for 2017 because it suggests people are making positive choices when it comes to eating well and being active, with the goal of feeling better overall,” said David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans, founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness.

More than half (53%) of Canadians say improving their overall quality of life is the primary motivation for pursuing a health and wellness resolution. Preventing health risks (45%), losing weight (42%) and increasing their energy (41%) ranked as other top reasons to exercise more and eat better.

Many Canadians say they’re willing to make lifestyle changes to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. Nearly half (45%) say they would plan to change their eating habits by developing a healthy meal plan, while one in three (34%) say they would set a weight loss goal for themselves.

Other Canadians are looking to become more active. Four in 10 (41%) would spend more time outdoors, while one in four (24%) say they’d find a friend to be active with. One in five Canadians (18%) say they would join a gym.

“These are all concrete steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s joining a fitness club, consulting with a personal trainer, making a meal plan or just getting out for a walk, Canadians are finding ways to eat healthier foods and exercise more in 2017,” said Patch. “The important part is to build healthier habits into your daily routine. That way you’re more likely to stick with your resolution beyond the first few weeks.”

To find out more about what helps Canadians stay motivated to work out, GoodLife Fitness polled 1,100+ longer-term members who have work out at the gym a minimum of 10 times per month, over the past two years or longer.

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Pacific Autism Family Network opens GoodLife Fitness Family Autism Hub

[VANCOUVER, BC] -- The Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN) will open the doors of the GoodLife Fitness Family Autism Hub today, promising to advance autism research, learning, treatment and supports for families across British Columbia. This is the first facility of its kind, equipped with wired classrooms, lecture theatres and new technologies to extend the education and services to families in all parts of the province.

The 60,000 square foot centre on Cessna Drive has been under construction since 2014 and was made possible, in large part, through a $5 million donation from GoodLife Fitness. GoodLife Fitness Founder and CEO David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans has a 20-year old daughter, Kilee, on the autism spectrum and has been a significant supporter of autism research for many years.

“My passion to give Canadians the opportunity to live a healthier life remains undiminished, but what consumes me is a drive to help alleviate the suffering of families dealing with autism. As a father, I have navigated the education, scientific, behavioural therapy, medical world for nearly two decades to learn and contribute whatever I can. I have whole heartedly tried to tackle this challenge with all my skills and resources as a business entrepreneur and as a human being who cares deeply about the suffering and cost autism inflicts on Canadian families and our health care system,” said Patch.

Patch adds this new facility has a massive reach and offers state-of-the-art resources for families and individuals facing autism spectrum and related disorders in all parts of the province.

“It will make a huge difference in the areas of research, education and outreach. It’s about providing hope and a path forward for as many families as we can.”

Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia, co-founder of Pacific Autism Family Network and driving force behind the GoodLife Fitness Family Autism Hub, says with 69,000 people on the autism spectrum living in BC, the centre will be a welcome addition to the services available for families.

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GoodLife Fitness Members can now find their ‘MYZONE’

Leading fitness wearable technology is now available to GoodLife’s 1.25 Million members across Canada 

GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest fitness club chain and MYZONE, the leader in wearable fitness technology have teamed up to offer GoodLife members and staff across Canada access to a powerful and innovative fitness monitoring tool the MYZONE MZ-3.

The MYZONE MZ-3 is an interactive physical activity belt that can send users’ real-time readings to large screens around the club or to their smartphone if they are exercising outside. Through a series of personalized, colour-coded tiles, users always know precisely what heart-rate zone they are in during their workout, allowing them to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum results. The large screens are currently in select GoodLife Fitness clubs and will be in locations across the country in the coming months.

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