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TRUE Fitness Partners with ECOFIT to Provide Asset Management to Gym Owners

St. Louis, MO (September 11, 2017) – TRUE Fitness Technology announces they will be a certified partner and distributor of ECOFIT, a wireless technology designed to help gym owners run a more profitable business by tracking commercial fitness equipment usage. Specific models of TRUE commercial treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals are now ECOFIT compatible to provide asset management to gym owners.

“Asset management is an integral part of running a successful gym in today’s marketplace. Not only do you have to offer your customers the latest technology, you have to take advantage of it yourself,” states Matt Hacker, Vice President and Chief Sales Officer for True. “With ECOFIT, the gym owner will have important information at their fingertips that will allow them to make daily decisions to help increase profitability and continue to keep their customer’s happy.”

ECOFIT provides numerous advantages to the gym owner. The longevity of their TRUE fitness equipment can be maximized by telling gym owners when equipment needs to be rotated. This is based on the usage data collected by ECOFIT software directly installed in the console of the cardio equipment. Gym owners can use this real and accurate data to manage the location of their equipment and maximize the profit of their floor space.

ECOFIT recently advanced their technology to provide even more information on the performance of the machines. This information, along with the other data collected, is delivered to the club’s ECOFIT portal for the gym owner to access and make decisions for appropriate actions.

"Delivering real time critical level data is a big step forward for both gym operators and manufacturers," states Dave Johnson, VP of Business Development at ECOFIT. "It enables them to be much more responsive. ECOFIT and TRUE are also partnering to develop future plans to provide current amp draw information to help clients save thousands of wasted energy dollars."

Other features include equipment compatibility on cross-brand (third-party) and legacy equipment; a proprietary wireless network that is not dependent on Wi-Fi; and mobile notifications and reporting tools provided to the gym owner.

“This is the first step TRUE is making towards a larger Asset Management program. We know that Asset Management is not a one-size fits all program and we intend to provide several options to gym owners”, says Hacker.

ECOFIT is available to TRUE customers on commercial cardio product with the Transcend16, Escalate9, and Emerge consoles. For more details on specific product availability or to place an order for ECOFIT-compatible product please contact TRUE Fitness.

About True Fitness:

TRUE Fitness is a leading manufacturer of premium fitness products, including full lines of cardio and strength. Dedicated to outstanding quality and superior design, the company and its fitness equipment are consistently ranked among the top in the industry. TRUE Fitness is based in St. Louis, Missouri and has a network of dealers throughout the country and around the globe. Additional information about the company’s products and services can be found at truefitness.com.

ECOFIT Debuts Revolutionary, Cross-brand Cardio Management Solution at IHRSA 2016

ECOFIT, industry leader in networking cardio fitness equipment, introduces Cintel, Cardio Intelligence, at IHRSA​ 2016​. Cintel, is a cross-brand cardio management solution designed to network hundreds of cardio pieces on the health-club floor without costly networking infrastructure.

Victoria, BC (PRWEB) March 23, 2016

ECOFIT’s key to successful cardio management is a robust, high density, long range wireless technology. ECOFIT's solution has been designed from the ground up to address unique challenges in busy club environments. The patented technology works with new and existing cardio equipment, is low cost and does not tie up valuable WiFi bandwidth.

Bryan O’Rourke, president of the Fitness Industry Technology Council says about ECOFIT, 
“We have entered a new era where big data technology, like that offered by ECOFIT, will have a major impact on Health Clubs by providing intelligence that can significantly enhance profitability and user experience. We are so proud of ECOFIT and all of FITC's supporters and the contributions they are making to this new era of technology in the fitness industry.”

The Cintel solution is scalable and designed for easy facility adoption on an enterprise level. Cintel works with all of your cardio brands and allows viewing of the the ‘health’ of all cardio equipment from anywhere at anytime. Cintel also helps manage purchasing decisions based on real-time relevant data.

ECOFIT Networks is pleased to announce finalized partner agreements to be the Cardio Management Solution for Precor, Star Trac, Stairmaster, Woodway, Octane and True Fitness.

“Cintel offers the most advanced suite of cardio management available today.” - Dave Johnson, Co-founder of ECOFIT

Cintel Delivers:

-Cardio Tracking and Management 
-Comprehensive Custom Reporting 
-Critical Equipment Status Notifications 
-User Defined Summary Dashboards

Meet the ECOFIT team at IHRSA 2016 at any of their partner booths Precor, Star Trac, Stairmaster, Woodway, Octane and True Fitness.