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Daxko Appoints Bjørn Bjerkøe as Chief Technology Officer

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.Sept. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Daxko, the industry leader in member-based health & wellness software, announced the recent appointment of Bjørn Bjerkøe as Chief Technology Officer. Bjerkøe has already begun serving as CTO in the Daxko Denver office. He reports directly to Dave Gray, Daxko's Chief Executive Officer, and has joined the Daxko leadership team.

"We're excited to have Bjørn join Daxko's leadership team. We've been impressed by his history of building and coaching growing teams, leading technology strategy across complex platforms and his cultural fit with Daxko," says Gray. "Bjerkøe has ownership of all software development teams and products across Daxko, including design, development, quality assurance and infrastructure.

"Daxko's dedicated team and customer-centric approach was obvious to me from the beginning," says Bjerkøe. "I am excited to be a part of a company that is innovating in the health and wellness space with a clear goal of benefiting customers and their members."

The new CTO role is a strategic piece of Daxko's growth strategy and will allow Daxko to continue its track record of building and scaling best of breed technology solutions and providing exceptional experiences to more types of health clubs, YMCAs, JCCs, and boutique fitness centers than any other provider.

About Daxko

Daxko delivers comprehensive technology solutions and experienced services to all kinds of member-based health and wellness centers. Since Daxko began in 2001, we've grown to span 58 countries, 9,000 facilities and over 20 million members. Daxko customers rely on us to be the engine of their growth with deep insight, guidance, technology solutions, and exceptional experiences that make us the industry's recognized #1 software provider. To learn more, visit daxko.com.



Daxko is a sponsor and exhibitor for the 36th Annual International Conference & Trade Show

BIRMINGHAM, AL – March 6, 2017 – Daxko, a leading provider of software solutions for the member- based health and wellness industry, will join more than 350 exhibitors at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Conference and Trade Show March 8-11 in Los Angeles, California. IHRSA is the largest conference representing the health and fitness club industry.

“Since its early years, Daxko focused on building solutions to help member-based health & wellness centers operate more efficiently and engage their members,” states Daxko’s CEO, Dave Gray. “We started with YMCAs and JCCs and expanded to serve all types of health clubs and fitness centers with our acquisition of CSI Software in late 2015. Since that time we have increased our investment both in CSI’s SpectrumNG platform and in the industry it serves at trade shows like IHRSA.”

Daxko’s increased investment includes a new trade show booth (#2223) and a larger Daxko/CSI Software team at the conference and on the trade show floor. Daxko is also sponsoring the IHRSA Saturday keynote where Gray will take the stage to introduce speaker Soraya Darabi. Finally, Daxko has stepped up this year to sponsor the IHRSA mobile app.

“Our theme this year is ‘A Good Thing Gets Better,’” states Daxko Chief Revenue Officer, Jonathan Blackburn. “The strength and commitment that we have to the health and wellness space is unmatched. With more than 1,200 organizations nationwide, we can offer the industry more, including payment services, facility access, engagement tools, and our award-winning customer service.”

This year’s IHRSA conference will have more than 8,000 attendees attending more than 100 education sessions taught by industry experts. Attendees will also have opportunities to network with other industry professionals and visit with sponsors and exhibitors on the trade show floor. To learn more about Daxko’s presence at IHRSA, please visit daxko.com/ihrsa.

About Daxko

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Daxko is a leading provider of software solutions to the member-based health and wellness market. Daxko’s strong portfolio of solutions help customers achieve high levels of operational efficiency, strong fiscal management, and increasingly engage their member communities. Daxko employs 195 team members across the Southeast. For additional information, please visit Daxko.com.


DAXKO Launches Payment Services

Daxko recently announced the launch of Daxko Payment Services, a highly efficient, secure and EMV-compliant credit card processing service.

Daxko Payment Services provides fully integrated credit card processing to member-based organizations with a focus on increased transaction visibility, improved cash flow and powerful reporting and analytics tools. The service will also feature proactive account updates to reduce the number of declines resulting from invalid credit card data.

“We knew our customers faced challenges from lack of transaction visibility and had an overall need for greater payment processing efficiencies,” states Winston Gillum, Daxko’s CFO. “As a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) we are now able to provide tremendous value and efficiency gains by directly integrating our software solutions with back-end credit card processing.”

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Daxko Acquires CSI Software, Adding New Health and Wellness Solutions to Product Portfolio

BIRMINGHAM, AL--(Marketwired - December 10, 2015) – Daxko, Inc. announced today it has acquired CSI Software LLC, provider of enterprise software to health and fitness clubs, campus recreation centers, parks and recreation centers, wellness centers, and nonprofit organizations. The acquisition represents a meaningful and logical market expansion, as Daxko is already the largest provider of health and wellness software to member-based nonprofits such as YMCAs and Jewish Community Centers.

“Our two companies have been familiar with each other over the last decade, but with very little overlap in terms of the segments of the market we serve,” says Daxko’s CEO, David Gray. “This acquisition expands our product portfolio and our market opportunity, both of which will strengthen us as a business partner to the benefit of all of our combined customers.”

Daxko has retained CSI Software’s leadership and team members, and they will continue to operate out of their current office in Houston, Texas.

“On our visits to Daxko’s offices and through many conversations with their leadership team, we are certain that this is the right move,” said CSI Software’s President and CEO, Jonathan Ross. “Daxko has already done many of the things that we’ve been wanting to do to take our business to the next level, and is doing them well,” said Ross. “We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.”

Ross will lead the Houston team as Senior Vice President and General Manager of CSI Software, a product division of Daxko, Inc.

About Daxko

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Daxko is a leading provider of mission critical software to member-based health and wellness organizations. Daxko helps customers achieve high levels of operational efficiency, deliver strong fiscal management, and engage their members in meaningful ways. Data show that Daxko's customers grow twice as fast as similar organizations using other solutions. Daxko employs 190 team members across the Southeast. For additional information, please visit daxko.com.

About CSI Software

CSI Software, now a product division of Daxko, Inc., provides fully integrated membership management software and mobile applications to health and fitness clubs, campus recreation centers, parks and recreation facilities, wellness centers and hotels and fitness resorts, as well as Jewish Community Centers, YMCAs and YWCAs.

Lisa Hasen, Director, Go-to-Market Strategy, Daxko

- See more at: http://www.csisoftwareusa.com/news/daxko-acquires-csi-software.php#sthash.ymUPyMKD.dpuf