FitFixNow Brings Continuing Ed Into the 21st Century

Atlanta, GA — November 1, 2017 — For decades, the only answer to getting Continuing Education Units, or CEUs, was either attending an expensive conference or getting something through the mail, be it a book, CD, DVD or even VHS tape. At the initial founding of FitFixNow, no one was offering 100% online, 100% on-demand courses which could be taken on the individual's own schedule.

This is what motivated FitFixNow to start producing 100% online courses and exams with an instant certificate delivered after completion. FitFixNow’s co-founder, Jane Curth, has spent her entire professional life in fitness education at the collegiate level. This included pioneering online education for students and using that experience to make FitFixNow the best learning experience it can possibly be.

She’s also held her Personal Training certification with the American Council on Exercise, or ACE, since 1998. But she knows first hand how essential it is to get CEUs done because she let her certification lapse a few years later.

“I couldn’t believe I let it happen,” Curth began, “it was such a huge pain and inconvenience to go through that whole process of getting certified again. Just renewing the certification would have been so much easier.” Ever since, FitFixNow has sought to offer the best pricing and most convenience when serving fitness professionals.

“Easy use and convenience, along with proper instruction, really is what we have to offer,” Curth continued. “Being able to access quality educational content in a modern way will make the industry that more accessible to everyone.”


Branded Training Courses for Gyms

FitFixNow has also begun partnering with boutique gyms looking to save money on training services for new employees, personal trainers and class instructors. This is a great way for a small gym owner to really save time and money by using online video training to make sure that their employees receive consistent, top-quality training without the need for expensive and time-consuming in-person instructors. 

This can enable a gym that normally couldn’t afford such services a much better price point and access to this type of service. It will ensure that standards are clearly explained so that everyone in the gym in each respective position can better-execute their jobs, leading to more satisfied clients. 

Currently, there is a robust offering of CEU courses on their website, www.fitfixnow.com. For gym training inquiries, please reach out to info@fitfixnow.com.


Blake Hoffmeyer, Communications Director

Jane Curth, CEO

(530) 638-3484