Fresh Fitness, Denmark sold to Fitness World

This press release was provided to IHRSA by Rasmus Ingerslev.

The Danish part of the low-cost club chain, Fresh Fitness, was sold (Friday, 19 December) to the market leader Fitness World. As a result, the two fastest growing and most innovative fitness chains in Denmark are now under the same roof.

Or as the CEO of Fitness World, Per Lyngbak Nielsen, said "It's like having Messi and Ronaldo playing on the same team”. The ambition is to offer better fitness to even more people, also outside of Denmark. “Over the past 9 years, we have been able to secure a very strong market position in Denmark, and with the acquisition of Fresh Fitness, we have an even broader range of services and competencies we can use as a platform for international growth”, Per Lyngbak continues and adds that further acquisitions will be part of the growth strategy.

Fresh Fitness, Denmark, Fitness World’s 6th acquisition, was owned by Health and Fitness Nordic (HFN) and a group of investors led by IHRSA board member Rasmus Ingerslev, who also served as CEO of the company. "We have had an excellent partnership with HFN over the past 5 years, and the sale was good timing for both parties. On a personal note, I am looking forward to working with new and old colleagues in my role as Vice Chairman on the Board of Fitness World”, said Ingerslev who will serve with the founder, majority shareholder and Chairman of Fitness World, Henrik Rossing.

Fitness World is unique in a global perspective because of it size in a limited market. The chain will (by January) run 150 clubs and serve more than 450,000 members in a country with only 5.3 million inhabitants.

Fresh Fitness Norway and Sweden, owned by Health & Fitness Nordic continues unchanged.

The details of the transaction have not been disclosed. For further information, please contact:

  • Per Lyngbak Nielsen, +45 21 90 00 00
  • Rasmus Ingerselv, +45 22 35 35 30