Did You Know . . .

In addition to the many benefits detailed within this section of our website, all Associate Members are eligible to participate in the programs and special activities noted below. To receive more information about these benefits, contact us associate@ihrsa.org.


The strength of our association is in the numbers. IHRSA has negotiated with leading providers of the products and services you need most. They see the business potential of thousands of IHRSA members, and are providing outstanding discount pricing.


Hiring? HealthClubs.com/jobs is the Answer! When your company needs to hire new managers, sales representatives or other employees, log on to HealthClubs.com/jobs, the club industry’s premier online career center. Post your job openings, browse the site’s extensive resume bank, and quickly and easily find your next top performers. HealthClubs.com/jobs includes many free resources such as sample job descriptions, compensation data and tips on hot HR topics. As an IHRSA Associate Member, you receive significant savings on all job posting & Featured Employer package purchases.