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The IHRSA Latin American Report (Second Edition)

Purchase the PDF in PortugeseThe IHRSA Latin American Report (Second Edition) is the most comprehensive examination of key Latin American health club markets available anywhere. Sponsored by Hoist Fitness, this research publication was produced in collaboration with Mercado Fitness and supported by Fitness Brasil. Key statistics such as number of members, penetration rate, industry revenue, and number of clubs, are included for 18 markets in Latin America. The report also provides in-depth analyses of economic and lifestyle indicators in the region as well as industry topics such as club leaders, fitness & technology, the impact of taxes, the growth of low-cost & boutique clubs, and more. Purchase the PDF of the report.  




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The Latin American Market

Key information for the health and fitness industry in Latin America is available in The 2013 IHRSA Global Report.

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