Industry Research

IHRSA regularly conducts industry research on U.S. and international markets. IHRSA's annual reports provide a comprehensive, country-specific overview of the fitness club industry in Europe and Asia-Pacific as well as a detailed view of the overall global market. IHRSA also tracks U.S. industry data on trends such club programs, facilities, and membership.

Research Reports

U.S. Industry Statistics

IHRSA Profiles of Success
The IHRSA Profiles of Success publication provides an overview of the U.S. health club industry and benchmarks from leading clubs. Purchase report

Club Facilities 
A sample of findings from current and past IHRSA research on facilities offered at clubs and areas of club expansion. Learn More

Membership Growth and Attrition 
Membership attrition is measured on an annual basis. Since memberships are added and dropped each month, the attrition formula is best calculated using the average opening monthly membership for a rolling twelve-month period. Learn More

Club Programs
Top 10 Programs Offered at Clubs Learn More

The Scope of the Health Club Industry
Number of US Clubs: 30,500 (as of 01/13)
Number of US Health Club Members: 51.3 million (as of 01/13)
Number of US IHRSA Member Clubs: 5,900
2012 Total US Industry Revenues: $21.8 billion
Approximate Number of Health Clubs Worldwide: 153,000 
Approximate Number of Health Club Members Worldwide: 131.7 million 
2012 Total Global Industry Revenues: $75.7 Billion (USD)

Number of IHRSA Member Clubs: 8,300 plus 6,000 Public Policy Council member clubs
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Health Club Membership by Sector
There were 58 million total health club consumers in 2010. Commercial health clubs account for 27.1 million members, or 54% of the total health club market. Learn More


International Industry Statistics

The 2014 IHRSA Global Report is the most up to date publication on the global fitness business. The Industry Research details the market size and scope of the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific Market.

IHRSA Asia-Pacific and European Market Reports
The 2011 IHRSA International Report (sponsored by Life Fitness) and The IHRSA European Health Club Report (sponsored by FIBO, Les Mills, miha bodytec, and ojmar) contain additional information on the primary European and Asia-Pacific club markets.