Grow, Protect and Promote  

  • PROTECT your business from misguided legislation and taxes
  • PROMOTE healthclubs as the solution to the Inactivity Crisis
  • and GROW the amount of people exercising (in clubs) through Federal and State Legislation, Health and Activity Promotion, and tax credits

IHRSA's mission is to protect your business, promote the industry, and grow the number of people exercising (in clubs). We cannot accomplish this alone. Our industry is stronger when we are all in this together!

For information on IHRSA’s most recent efforts to protect health clubs from harmful regulations and taxes, while promoting our industry a major solution to the inactivity epidemic, please download the ILC Industry Report. 

Speaking of Protection, here's IHRSA's record of protecting your business from harmful regulations:

  • 2009 - 22 victories
  • 2010 - 31 victories
  • 2011 - 19 victories
  • 2012 - 13 victories 
  • 2013 - 11 victories (and we've been successful preventing bills from being introduced the past few years)

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Why Contribute?

As your industry's trade association, and sole protector/advocate, IHRSA works to Promote and Protect health clubs in all 50 statesby: 

  • direct communication with lawmakers to educate them on the industry and/or particular issues,
  • providing expert testimony at hearings,
  • connecting fitness professionals with key policy makers, and
  • forging alliances with health promotion organizations and business leaders.

All Types of Members Contribute:

Contributors range from individual fitness professionals and small training facilities to the larger multi-club chains operating in multiple states as well as industry suppliers. See the complete list of contributors at

"It is the obligation of every club, large & small to contribute. A few dollars invested today could save ten fold in lost earnings should harmful legislation pass because there was inadequate resources to find it or fight it."

Scott Gillespie, President - Saco Sport & Fitness, Saco, ME

"The advocacy work that IHRSA does is vital to the future of the health and fitness industry and we (NASM) are proud to support it."

David Van Daff, Vice President, Business Development and Public Affairs - National Academy of Sports Medicine 

"The health club industry is poised to become a big part of a health care revolution. Without public policy advocates, we risk not being part of the solution. I contribute every year to ensure that our industry has a seat at the table.

Bryan O'Rourke, President, Integerus and FitMarc

 Please contribute today:

Please support IHRSA’s efforts to promote and protect the industry by contributing today.