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IGNITE! is a fast-paced, 75-minute session during the March Convention where a succession of speakers have 5-minutes to share their personal and professional insights on a host of topics that can be informative, innovative, humorous, or just plain fun! Speaker Applications Due December 5!

Midtown Athletic Clubs, which appeared on the scene in 1970, may be nearly 45 years old, but it isn’t showing its age. Headed by president and CEO Steven Schwartz, the third generation of his family to shepherd the company, Midtown continues to define and hone both the cutting edge of its own operations and that of the industry.

With a passion rooted in the creation of the user experience. S3 Design firmly believes that successful projects harness the spirit of the place or brand. Their design process develops unique solutions to each clients' needs. There is no universal solution.

"It's a good sign that clubs continue to understand that it's imperative to continue to reinvest in their clubs. … As the economy continues to strengthen, these clubs will be well positioned to reap the rewards." —2014 IHRSA Profiles of Success


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