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Join Bill McBride, CEO of Active Sports Clubs & BMC3, to gain insight on how to increase membership sales and generate new revenues from members. Start the New Year in the right direction and Register Today!

Arianna Huffington, a Renaissance woman who's prevailed in many fields—as author, actress, political candidate, talk-show celebrity, global pundit, and the founder of The Huffington Post—understands better than most the personal price one pays for success. She thinks it’s too high! And she suggests a better way at IHRSA 2015.

With a passion rooted in the creation of the user experience. S3 Design firmly believes that successful projects harness the spirit of the place or brand. Their design process develops unique solutions to each clients' needs. There is no universal solution.

It's difficult to believe that 2014 is nearly over. If, like many club operators, you've resolved to improve on what and how well you do in 2015, IHRSA has two resources you simply can't do without: the 2014 Profiles of Success and the IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report.


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