Health Club Programming Resources

To help you bolster your health club's programming, we’ve assembled a growing list of resources in this section—columns from experts, IHRSA Best Practices, a long list of publications available in the IHRSA Store and presentations from past IHRSA Conventions.

IHRSA Resources

Tools and resources to help club owners and operators and fitness professionals design and implement successful health promotion programs in their clubs and communities

Bringing Nutrition Expertise To The Club

When it comes to health, research shows that nutrition and physical activity go hand-in-hand, and better results are often seen when the two are combined compared to each alone. Both an active lifestyle and sustainable, healthful diet are key components in the pursuit and maintenance of optimal health. IHRSA Member Only - Login Required

Weight Loss Programs

The Weight Loss e-book is the first in the series, and includes an introduction to the global weight problem, Stories from 5 IHRSA clubs with different strategies for running successful weight loss programs and a discussion of common themes in successful programs. IHRSA Member Only - Login Required

IHRSA Clubs Promote Good Health and Good Practice

The goal of this e-book is to provide a summary of the best health promotion programs offered at IHRSA 2015 as a preview for what is to come at IHRSA 2016, a look at the variety of health promotion programs successfully run by clubs, suggestions from leading industry experts, and additional resources for further information. IHRSA Member Only - Login Required

Medical Wellness Toolkit

The Medical Wellness Toolkit is a comprehensive resource to help IHRSA member clubs implement successful physician referral programs in their clubs. The toolkit includes tips for connecting with physicians and other practitioners in your area, best practices for creating and implementing medical wellness programs, and templates to help you build and improve your program. IHRSA Member Only - Login Required

Health Promotion Toolkit

Health clubs are safe, effective environments to get healthier and more active. This is especially true when clubs offer distinct programs specifically to address the health problems - weight, physical inactivity - in their communities. The newest IHRSA toolkit provides tools and resources to help your club design, implement, and continuously improve your club's health programming. IHRSA Member Only - Login Required

CEO Pledge Toolkit

The CEO Pledge campaign is a powerful tool for making the case to corporate clients about the benefits of a physically active workforce. It’s also an opportunity to position IHRSA members as critical partners for optimum business performance. This toolkit provides the basic information you need implement the CEO Pledge at your club or use it to market to corporate clients. IHRSA Member Only - Login Required


IHRSA Programs for Your Health Club

IHRSA provides programs for your club to attract and retain members. From #WhyGetActive, a motivating social media campaign to highlight the many positive benefits of exercise, to I Lost It at the Club!, our goal-oriented weight loss challenge, there's a program for every club.


#WhyGetActive is an inspirational movement that provides a worldwide platform for sharing the many compelling reasons for being physically active.

IHRSA Passport Program

Participating clubs have access to a wide variety of resources to promote and sell the program, as well as educate staff. Everything from posters and marketing copy to program logos and Passport identification is now available online.

I Lost It at the Club!

In the annual I Lost It at the Club! program, IHRSA clubs are invited to take part and assist their members (and prospective members) in achieving their New Year’s weight loss goals, while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

IHRSA Joining Forces Network

The IHRSA Joining Forces Network is an IHRSA initiative in support of Joining Forces that provides free health club memberships to the spouses and teenage children of deployed reservists and National Guard members.


Monthly Promotional Ideas

Looking for fun and original programming ideas that correspond to the calendar? We provide you with easy to implement ideas on how to make the most of special days or month long events at your club. View monthly promotional ideas.  IHRSA Member Only - Login Required


Club Programming Best Practices

Best Practices feature answers from experts from both inside and outside the health club industry to thought-provoking questions on a wide range of topics.

Fostering a Sense of Community

Everyone likes to belong! Keep that in mind. Exactly how a club creates a sense of belonging and community will depend, to some extent, on the type of facility.

Is cutting down number of classes a good idea?

Should our club cut back on its group exercise schedule during the summer? Attendance is usually down then, so it seems like a smart move, but we don’t want to upset members who go to the same classes regularly.

Know your members' needs when considering a nutritional program.

We want to add a nutrition program to our club’s offerings. Do you have any suggestions about the best way for us to approach this process? We’re looking for recommendations on every aspect - from planning to implementation.

Being innovative helps crack certain niche populations.

What niche market has your club been most successful in reaching, and how have you made this happen.


The IHRSA Store

We regularly conduct market research about the size and scope of the global health club industry, and we also survey consumer attitudes and perceptions about commercial health and sports clubs.