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Clubs and members prosper with cross-discipline collaboration 

The growing sophistication of health, fitness, and wellness professionals, and the expanding number of specialties they practice, pay significant dividends for clubs and their members. It’s innovative improvement, with special relevance for the increasingly diverse populations - including those with health issues - that clubs are now being called upon to serve.

But there’s often a fly in the ointment, a pebble in the progress.

As the process of caring for members becomes more complex, the providers - personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, group and small-group exercise instructors, and others - tend to work independently within their respective niche, focusing exclusively on their particular skill set.

It’s a situation that’s sometimes referred to as “siloing” - a failure on the part of professionals to communicate, fully and effectively, about the singular goal that they’re all striving toward: the well-being of an individual client.

A number of factors may contribute to the condition: a limited understanding of other disciplines, professional tunnel vision, heavy work loads, lack of opportunities to confer with colleagues, etc. But the result is a disjointed, rather than a seamless, procedure; a limited, rather than a comprehensive, treatment plan.

Read on to see how some clubs and businesses are helping members' overall health with teamwork and collaboration.

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Weymouth Club: Innovate to compete

The Weymouth Club, a beautifully designed, meticulously maintained, 100,000-square-foot multipurpose club in Weymouth, Mass., that has some 4,000 memberships, prides itself on ongoing innovation - so much so, it’s undergone 14 upgrades over its 25-year history. 

Yes, that’s 14! This just might be a record among IHRSA members.

The club’s owners, the husband-and-wife team of Steve and Sally Goldman, have been willing to endure the headaches, the inconvenience, and the expense of a renovation - things that few operators look forward to - because there’s a tremendous payoff.

Read on to see how their dreams turn into reality.

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Communication is the key with construction projects

The new spa reception area at the Weymouth Club.

It is time to reinvest into your club with some touch-ups here, knocking out a wall and creating a new studio over there, and maybe renovating the locker rooms for good measure.

The most obvious first step is making sure you have enough capital to get the job done correctly. Coming up with plans – on your own or hiring a reputable company – is the next logical step. Setting a date, bringing in contractors and starting the work should just about do it.

Wait, something extremely important was not done; maybe one of the most vital steps before the first sledgehammer is swung.

Notifying your membership and coming up with plans on closures, detours and inconveniences for those who come to the club every day is imperative.

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