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Sitting at work may be worse than smoking

Sorry we missed you last week. We were getting our education on at the IHRSA Institute.

Maybe this week will make up for it:

  • standing while you work
  • CrossFit dating game
  • fitness retreats popularity
  • best fitness Twitter accounts

Check them all out in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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New IHRSA health promotion web pages

IHRSA’s vision is for the fitness industry to be a well recognized voice in health promotion and prevention and for health clubs to be viewed as partners in preventive healthcare by individuals, employers, healthcare providers, insurance companies and government.

To that end we recently updated old resources on our website, as well as creating some new ones. Some of the pages are member-only, others are open to everyone.

Check out all of the tools and ideas here.

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Jobs now being Tweeted

How often do you follow someone or something on Twitter and after a few weeks you rarely, if ever pay attention to the Tweets? 

Yeah, so how are the tweets from the blogging cat or the Kardashians going? 

IHRSA now has Tweets that you certainly will not want to miss. 

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Become friends with social media during IHRSA's next webinar

If you own or run a business, it is nearly impossible not to be using social media. That is no different in the health club industry. 

But the $64,000 question is how can you use sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others to best serve your business and your clients/members? 

If you aren’t sure if you are utilizing this tool to its fullest, or you want to learn new uses, be sure to join in on IHRSA’s next webinar, “Social Media – Friend of Foe,” on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2-3:30 p.m. (EST). 

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