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Entries in Summer (4)


Find creative ways to employ staff during down times

Image courtesy of iosphere/FreeDigitalPhotos.netSummer is one of those times during the year that there is a need to change staffing. In some areas of the world the summer sees an influx of members, club visits and events and happenings at a club. Other places around the globe see a slowdown due to alternative options outside during nice weather.

With changes in needs it is important for a club to think ahead so they aren’t caught off-guard. Last-minute decisions can result in some areas seeing responsibilities slip through the cracks - lack of coverage, confusion on new schedules and messy areas among them – all due to poor planning.

For the most part, unless the heat is oppressive and a place with air conditioning is the best place to burn off calories and get the endorphins going, a health club slows down from June through September.

Read on to see how some health clubs rearrange staff during slower times.

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Clubs have to be ready for change when summer ends


For many sports and fitness clubs around the world, the transition from summer to the fall, and beyond, doesn’t always mean a huge change in membership or visits. 

That doesn’t mean they just sail into a 9-month or so time frame when kids are in school, college students are back on campus, teachers are off to work again, or vacations and trips are no longer keeping members away. 

While overall numbers generally don’t fluctuate a whole lot, where those numbers are often do. No longer is the middle of the day – always a hectic time during the summer – the time when youth arrive. Adults now will come during school or after work. 

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Stand-up paddling is a great workout for body and mind

PHOTO COURTESY TRIPADVISOR.COMIf you live along the coast you would be hard-pressed to not see people standing on surfboards and paddling around. 

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP as it often called) was made popular by surfer Laird Hamilton about 10 years ago, but has been around for hundreds of years as it was a mode of transportation by Native Americans. Now, according to the Outdoor Industry Assn., 1.24 million people did SUP last year, an 18% increase from the year before. 

The beauty of the SUP is that it gives you an overall workout – both body and mind. Even if you are in still water you will use muscles from head to toe – feet, legs, back, arms, and your core. Other area will be worked just from balancing on the board. The intensity of the workout can be upped if you are going upstream in a river or in the ocean, battling waves. 

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Creativity is key when summer rolls around

The uncertainty of the summer is a difficult time for gym and club owners. 

Between the influx of youth and families to the loss of members who prefer to take their exercise regimen outside of the club, it really is a guessing game. Then, for some areas, there is the return of those who travel south for the winter to take into consideration. 

There are many directions a manager can take when trying to decide what is best for their club. Do you plan more to placate those who have remained loyal or do you scale back so you can focus on the fall to winter months when the place is hopping? 

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