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European Congress keynote talks about diversity, social media and more

CBI magazine’s First Person feature is Annemarie van Gaal. The founder of van Gaal & Company, she is an author, investor and media consultant in Amerstam, The Netherlands.  And, she is one of the keynote speakers at next month’s 14th Annual IHRSA European Congress.

Read on as she answers questions about the subject of her talk, her businesses diversity, her opinion on social media and more.

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Navigate social media with next IHRSA webinar

Using social media for your business is like most things in life: you can either be OK at many things or real good at one or two. The question is, what path do you want to go down?

For those who are not adept at popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or business up-and-comers Vine and Snapchat, then it is probably best to focus on one or two and get good at it. Then, when you are comfortable with what you are using it might be time to expand.

IHRSA’s next webinar - run by Lindsey Richardson, director of Marketing at Fitness Quest 10 - on Thursday, June 5, 2 to 3 p.m. EST, “Navigate the Social Media Storm: Choosing The Right Social Media Networks for Your Business,” will help guide novices to what is best, and right, for their business. The webinar is sponsored by Cybex.

Read on to learn more about the webinar and how to register.

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What is causing failing grades for children’s fitness?

Children are not exercising enough, according to a recent report.

Seeing most people in the U.S. will be enjoying an extra day to read This Week in the Fitness Industry, thanks for Memorial Day, we decided to pack a little more in this week's edition:

  • 'Hot' and 'not' trends
  • Social media tips for personal trainers
  • Pro fitness league coming
  • Youth exercise get failing grades

Read it all in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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Find new retention concepts during next IHRSA webinar

Image courtesy of stockimages/FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe word “retention” is thrown around a lot in our industry. Obviously, keeping current members is vital to clubs’ welfare. 

The question is, then, what is the best method to keeping those who pay to continue to up their membership when it expires?

IHRSA’s next webinar, “Revolutionizing Member Retention with New Concepts,” will give examples of how host Bonnie Patrick Mattalian does it at MediFit. The webinar is Thursday, April 10, 2 to 3 p.m. EST.

Read on to learn more about Mattalian's webinar.

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Not everyone knows how to use social media correctly

Every club manager or owner knows there has to be a social media component for the facility to be successful in the years to come.

Social media -Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, to name some of the most popular sites - as well as a blog can bring in more memberships, provide free marketing, show the city your involvement in the community, and allow you to connect with your members as well as your members connect with each other.

But, according to Justin Tamsett, most of those who are responsible for social media at their club are not using it correctly.

Tamsett, who was among the first in the industry to utilize social medial with success, will lead “Social Media: Facts and Fallacies for Your Business,” in the Marketing track of the educational sessions at IHRSA 2014 33rd Annual International Convention & Trade Show. The format is a tutorial group, which will include a lot of questions and answers.

IHRSA is covering a different session in each track leading up to IHRSA 2014, which runs March 12-15 at the San Diego Convention Center.

For more on Tamsett's session, read on.

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