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Consider branching out if you want to expand your brand

Powerhouse Gym in Webster, Mass., offers a Speed Camp.Who doesn’t love a 2-for-1 deal? Essentially, you are getting something for free.

For clubs that offer off-shoots from the gym – seeing it is summer, camps are a great example –while the camp is not free in the sense that it is doesn’t cost the host club, there are areas where the dividends are gravy.

How you may ask? 

When a club hosts a camp – with its name in it or not – those attending know who is running it and thus your club’s name is out there. It is 2-for-1 in the branding, advertising and even sales arenas.

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Bring the club outdoors during nice weather

Hampshire Hills Sport and Fitness Club takes its yoga class outside in nice weather.Granted, a place to work out is not about aesthetic beauty. You are there to essentially to accomplish a goal – get in better shape, be it aerobic, strength, agility or mobility.

However, if you can add a little variety to your environs, then more likely that not you will enjoy yourself more and want to keep going back.

As a gym owner that is music to their ears. Keeping members happy is one of the biggest reasons for high retention rates. One way to accomplish that is to take the gym outdoors during nice weather.

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