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Entries in Personal Training (20)


Study: running with music helps times

Today's edition of This Week in the Fitness Industry is about what you can do to improve performance and feel better about yourself.

Here's what we have:

  • Study: running with music improves performance
  • Those who exercise feel better about their physical appearance
  • Don't let fellow members intimidate you
  • Working with trainer better than video, magazine

Check out more on all of these in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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Help make your personal training department profitable

A good personal training department is more than ample trainers, having many clients, and making a profit. 

While those areas are critical to success – both the club’s and clients’ – there is much more that makes a strong department.

Sherri McMillan, owner of Northwest Personal Training in Vancouver, Wash., will discuss both the obvious and “oh, I didn’t think of that” areas that contributed to successful personal training when she leads the next IHRSA webinar, “Managing a Highly Profitable Personal Training Department,” on Thursday, July 17, 2 to 3 p.m. (EDT).

Read on to see what McMillan will cover during the next IHRSA webinar.

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Weight issues cut more years off life than cigarettes

This Week in the Fitness Industry is back after taking a week of to celebrate the Fourth of July.

While we didn't bring you twice as many entries as normal, we think you will be twice as happy with this week's offerings:

  • obesity worse than cigarettes
  • team sports beneficial to children
  • Democrats, Republicans work out together
  • tips from fitness pros

Click here to see This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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What is causing failing grades for children’s fitness?

Children are not exercising enough, according to a recent report.

Seeing most people in the U.S. will be enjoying an extra day to read This Week in the Fitness Industry, thanks for Memorial Day, we decided to pack a little more in this week's edition:

  • 'Hot' and 'not' trends
  • Social media tips for personal trainers
  • Pro fitness league coming
  • Youth exercise get failing grades

Read it all in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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Go deeper into being successful in personal training

There are many educational sessions on personal training – it is one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry after all. Finding the one, or a couple, that best suits what you are looking to get out of your department or business is paramount.

Paul Stugart is a first-time presenter at the IHRSA Annual International Convention & Trade Show and feels his session will be a little different than others. He expects The 5 R’s of Successful Personal Training, in the Fitness & Personal Training track on Wednesday, March 12, 9:45 a.m., will delve a little deeper into the steps needed to what it takes to have an effective, and profitable, personal training department.

“I want to help (attendees) get something out of (my session). It will be more in-depth than what others try to cover in an hour and 30 minutes,” said Stugart, who in no way was trying to put down other speakers and their talks. “”Hopefully they will walk out with information to stimulate their thought process on what doing now and reassess to make changes or assimilate new changes.”

Read on to see what Stugart intends to discuss.

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