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Why are there more women in group exercise?

With 48 percent of club members male, one would think that participation in group exercise classes would also be split down the middle.

Surprisingly, according to the latest IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report, only 38% of group exercise participants are men. And, seeing options like yoga and spinning can often see numbers closer to a 50-50 split, other options like Zumba, P90X, Tabata and others have 3-to-1 or even 4-to-1 women-to-men ratios.

So, why the discrepancy? And, does it really even matter?

Read on to see what club managers think, and their suggestions.

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High intensity workouts see results, popularity

David Castillo Dominici image, FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe studies, research and personal testimonies are all out there. So, it looks like high intensity interval workouts here to stay and apparently a healthy way to exercise.

Of course, that doesn’t mean low intensity or endurance programs should be, or have to be, ditched entirely.

“I am certainly an advocate of high intensity workouts. It has a place in anyone’s program,” said Jessica Matthews, exercise physiologist at the American Council on Exercise in San Diego. “The pendulum is swinging now – many people have abandoned longer workouts and have focused solely on high intensity. But, low and moderate intensity (workouts) have benefits, too.”

Read on for the entire story.

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Trade show profile: Beachbody

Beachbody's P90X certificationFrom now until the 32nd Annual International Convention & Trade Show IHRSA will be profiling trade show exhibitors. 

Beachbody will be showcasing at IHRSA for the first time. The health and wellness company will be unveiling its new INSANITY Certification.

Read on for more on Beachbody, which will be at booth 2183.

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This Week in Fitness: 24 Hour Fitness Tightening The Bolts

Dan Benning, president of 24 Hour Fitness, has a fairly simple vision that defines how he runs his company: "Fitness is hard enough. Let’s make it easy... to join and make it easy once they have joined."

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This Week in Fitness: Making Fitness Stick

It's an unfortunate fact that a lot of people think of exercise as a chore. CNN examines all the innovations that make fitness more bearable for time-crunched people. Read about this and more in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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