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Entries in Obesity (21)


Different ages should exercise differently

This Week in the Fitness Industry, again, has quite a variety of stories:

  • different exercises for different age groups
  • health-related apps not gaining popularity
  • midlife exercise could lessen chance of dementia
  • woman pays it forward with free classes
  • and, a round-up of this week's IHRSA blog entries 
  • Check them all out!

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    Coca-Cola's ad on its fight against obesity gets mixed reaction

    Earlier this month the Coca-Cola company aired a commercial that claims it wants to be part of the solution and not the problem when it comes to the obesity epidemic. 

    It has already sparked a ton of interest. And even though many viewers are not sure how genuine the company is being, whether it will follow through and do what really needs to be done, and if the 2-minute spot was really just a disguised marketing and advertising ploy, they still have a strong opinion. 

    The 125-year-old company that has more than 650 beverages, including Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dasani water and scores of others, portrayed itself as now one of the companies doing the right thing. It says they “can play an important role.”

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    With election over, policymakers must focus on inactivity and obesity epidemics  

    President Barack Obama won re-election yesterday over his Republican challenger, former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Both candidates led hard-fought campaigns and the result is certainly viewed as a "victory" by some and a "loss" by others. Throughout this election campaign season, however, IHRSA has remained scrupulously bipartisan, steadfast in our belief that promoting physical activity is a unifying issue.

    The health crises facing this Administration and incoming Congress are great, and require bipartisan cooperation to solve. Obesity rates remain higher than ever, with one-third of adults and two-thirds of children overweight or obese. Worse, sedentary lifestyles are becoming the norm and as a result, chronic diseases are burdening the American health care system and driving up health care costs. 

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    Bang the skins for your next workout

    Admit it, you have always wanted to be part of a band. Who hasn’t? 

    Well, most likely you are a drum set or a Fender shy of attaining that goal. Oh, and the talent and time it takes to get up on the stage or that record contract.

    For all those Buddy Rich, John Bonham and Ringo Starr wanna-be’s there are more who probably resemble Animal from the Muppets. 

    But you can at least get your frustrations out and have a good workout at the same time with the new craze, Drums Alive, like IHRSA member Creekside Fitness. You drum on a fitness ball and stress and frustration fades away as the sweat forms.

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    NYC soda ban includes a call for more incentives for healthy behavior  

    While banning super-sized sodas may be one way to attack the current obesity epidemic, Fox News was smart in recognizing another avenue that could be a huge asset in the fight: the Workforce Health Improvement Program (WHIP). This act would create a benefits system that offers the same benefit to employees who go to a fitness club as to those that work out at their office gym. The WHIP Act recognizes the important role fitness facilities play and will help increase memberships by eliminating tax and paperwork burdens.

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