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Entries in Obesity (21)


Study: exercise may be more important than being thin

It is Friday so it must be time for This Week in the Fitness Industry. Here is what we have for you:

  • Healthy is better than thin
  • Inspirational message misinterpreted
  • Zumba video game
  • Mexico hopes tax will lover obesity 

Read on to read more on each.

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Obesity is costing America

This Week in the Fitness Industry has a little bit of everything for the most recent version.

  • update on Nautilus and its new CEO
  • staggering expenses due to obesity epidemic
  • clubs are the best place if you are having cardiac arrest
  • equipment and technology geared toward seniors

    Read on to see more on each.

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    Doctors are discussing exercise, healthy diet with patients

    Another plethora of stories for This Week in the Fitness Industry. From marketing to fighting obesity to camping and working out, we have it covered.

    Here is what we have this week:

    • Marketing for small group training 
    • Use picnic benches to work out
    • Study: doctors talking up exercise and nutrition more
    • Video game creator looking at health option next

    For more, read on.

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    Members weigh in on obesity as a disease

    On the surface, the recent announcement that the American Medical Association has decided to designate obesity as a disease is great news.

    How can it not be? Now doctors will be able to prescribe various solutions for the overweight, the current epidemic is now being brought to the forefront as a serious issue that needs to be dealt with, and, for the fitness industry, it may bring in more visitors through the doors.

    While all of that is true, it is not all perfect. 

    First, doctors still need to take the time to talk to patients who are in need of a solution – usually exercise and a proper diet. But, as many physicians get paid on the number of patients they see, squeezing in even a 20-minute discussion on the benefits of hitting the gym may be too much for a primary care physician. And, what if now, with obesity considered a disease the option of surgery, like gastric bypass, or a yet-to-be discovered drug is the easier way?

    Then, there are insurance companies. If they don’t cover gym memberships or other options that cost money then there is a viable chance the obese will not take their doctor’s suggestion.

    But this doesn’t mean the new disease label can’t be an impetus for battling the ghastly obesity numbers – currently 1 in 5 for children and 1 in 3 for adults.

    Read on for the complete story.

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    Demystify workout myths

    This Week in the Fitness Industry has related stories on workout myths and bad advice for fitness professionals, as well as a fitness app from a professional football player, soda size ban would target the right people, and a bricks and mortar location to learn about workout options.

    Read on to learn more on all of the stories.

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