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Wearable technology and fitness trackers: possibilities are endless

For those who aren’t involved in technology on a daily basis, it can be very confusing. Not just how it works and how to work it, but the ever-changing landscape and players are different from one day to the next.

This is no different in the world of wearable technology and fitness tracking. That is, for the wearable technology illiterate, monitoring devices like Jawbone Up, Fitbit, Polar Electro's FlowLink, MYZONE M250 watch, and even your phone, to name a few.

These devices can do simple tasks like count the number of steps taken during a walk or workout, or show how many calories have been burned. More advanced devices can detect body movement, identify what you are doing, and report on a number of biological signals, like body temperature, pulse and oxygen level.

The questions now are: what is next and who are going to be the players.

Read on to see what the future holds.

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Are wearable devices on the rise?

Nowadays, you can't do a workout or take a class without someone next to you wearing a fitness device. And, more than likely there is someone who uses a fitness app to enhance their workout, push them to do a little more, or share it with friends and peers.

This Week in the Fitness Industry has devoted the entire column this week with stories on devices and apps, including a top 25 list, predictions for the future, new options out there, and research and surveys.

Read on for This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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Kick it up a notch – up-tempo songs help during a run

Industry veterans involved in a fat-loss program, ways to improve your running, steps to keep on your workout routine, and fitness trackers are becoming fashion statements. 

Yes, all of this in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

Read on to see more on each.

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Track your running success on Facebook

Anyone who has been on Facebook for even 2 minutes knows that many of their friends like to let others know what they did every second of the day. Not to be excluded in the hourly posts is how far they ran and how long it took them.

Facebook’s Open Graph allows you to post a map of your run, count calories and share those successes.

Nike, Edmondo, Runkeeper and Runtastic are a few of the apps that have apps that are popular on Open Graph.

Also in This Week in the Fitness Industry:

  • Fitness franchises going strong
  • Monitor productivity
  • Does 'Youth Rule' in your state?
  • Anytime Fitness rides Olympics success

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This Week in Fitness: What is the Most Sensual Exercise?

The Times of India lists the five most sensual exercises. Read about this and more in This Week in Fitness.

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