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Company keeps clients, members InTouch

InTouch's booth at the IHRSA 2014 trade show.Perhaps the most vexing issue health and fitness clubs face today is how to keep their members. Reverse sides of the same coin, the retention/attrition conundrum is the bugaboo of most clubs, from small studios and gyms to massive high-end, multipurpose facilities.

As a certified personal trainer, Scott Johnston has dealt with this challenge from both the club and the member side. Over the years, he’s watched as friends and family members made serious overtures to join clubs, only to be forgotten.

The problem, Johnston realized, is that club staff often fail to stay in touch with both prospects and current members - hence the name of the company he cofounded with Nico Bot: InTouch Technology, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, now a leading provider of health club sales and retention software.

“Many people walk into a club, express interest, but hesitate, saying they’d like to think about it first,” says Rachel Lai, marketing manager at InTouch. “Scott saw that, too often, no follow-up e-mails were going out, and no calls were being made to these prospects,”

So, four years ago, Johnston and Bot launched their Web-based communication management system that’s helping to revolutionize the way clubs generate leads for memberships and personal training and follow-up - and encourage people to stay once they join.

Read on to see more on InTouch Technology.

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New way to sell memberships

When it comes to health clubs, what’s one of the most important, indeed critical, aspects of the operation?

The answer is: membership sales.

The most important aspect of the business, of course, is member service, but the sale comes first - you can’t serve a client until you have one.

That’s why, during IHRSA’s 33rd Annual International Convention and Trade Show in San Diego, no less than eight sessions were devoted to the topic. That’s also why, this month, CBI turns to the participants in one panel discussion, “Generating Leads and Positioning Your Sales Team for Success,” for their best thoughts on the subject.

The four - moderator Chuck Hall, Jason Reinhardt, Amanda Konigsberg, and Shawn Stewart - emphasize the importance of well-defined sales systems, the need to monitor key performance indicators, the critical role of referrals, the use of strategically sophisticated promotions, the seminal impact of social media, the centrality of community involvement, and the need to remain alert to changes in the greater membership sales environment.

See the entire story on new ways to sell gym memberships here.

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Key to good sales staff: get to know the client

In most cases, the sales staff of a health club does not carry the ugly stigma of how most people view sales people – greasy, money-grabbers who don’t care about the person they are supposedly helping. Of course sales departments in the health and fitness industry want to feed their family, but it is more important to match clients with appropriate programs and membership options that best suits them.

Elias Scarr, membership director at Results Fitness and a sales consultant, will be leading Upgrading, Upselling and Cross-Selling: Steps to Increasing Membership Sales, on Thursday, March 13, at IHRSA 2014 33rd Annual Convention & Trade Show. During the session, in the Membership Sales track, Scarr will help with the latter – getting the best for the client. His tactic is to have a set, systemized strategy in place that allows you to take time with the clients to really get to know them, their needs and wants, and, ultimately, what they really need.

Read on to learn more about Scarr's Membership Sales session.

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