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Testimonials are more than a pat on the back

Dawn is a mother of two who works two jobs. She recently went through a tough stretch and was looking to get stronger, both physically and mentally.

Eli, who in his 50s wanted to go skydiving. However there is a weight limit and he needed to lose in excess of 75 pounds to get to 220. He is about halfway there, but is determined to make his goal and jump out of that plane.

In both cases the real-life events, emotions and feelings are ways to better market the club, practically dropped on someone’s desk. The health and fitness industry is filled with so many inspirational and feel-good stories that it makes sense to use them to not only drive up membership numbers but to get others to make, and hopefully, attain health- and fitness-related goals.

Using testimonials is one way many clubs make marketing and advertising more human.

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Proper etiquette can make or break a club

There are many ways to get the importance of gym etiquette across to your members. 

With the Internet, you can add putting the club’s rules and regulations  on your website, Facebook page and Pinterest board, as well as sending Tweets and e-mails as reminders, to name a few. Add in the old stalwarts - signs on the wall and a printout that goes along with new member packets – and there should be no problem keeping your facility clean and your members happy, right? 

Well, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Especially now, in the first quarter of the year, when many new members come to your club on the heels of a New Year’s resolution or the start of getting their body ready for the beach. 

The transgressions can range from the obvious, like not wiping off a machine after use or hanging around a machine or area to talk to another member, to the not-so-obvious, like not having a towel in the sauna or a loud text message alert on the gym floor. 

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