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Education, partnerships might be a logical step after Coca-Cola commercial

Mike Heim has seen a lot of good from the Coca-Cola company, like supporting youth programs, supplying Dasani water at youth and community events, and even making changes to beverage machines in local schools and hospitals. 

So when Heim, the Youth Fitness director at the Elmwood Fitness Center in Hanrahan, La., saw the recent commercial from the beverage giant he knew it was genuine and was a big step toward the fight on obesity in America. 

He feels there are two big reasons why he thinks Coca-Cola will be able be the one leading the pack – money and influence. 

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Coca-Cola's ad on its fight against obesity gets mixed reaction

Earlier this month the Coca-Cola company aired a commercial that claims it wants to be part of the solution and not the problem when it comes to the obesity epidemic. 

It has already sparked a ton of interest. And even though many viewers are not sure how genuine the company is being, whether it will follow through and do what really needs to be done, and if the 2-minute spot was really just a disguised marketing and advertising ploy, they still have a strong opinion. 

The 125-year-old company that has more than 650 beverages, including Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dasani water and scores of others, portrayed itself as now one of the companies doing the right thing. It says they “can play an important role.”

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Members' Christmas wish-lists vary

When you are young you write your Christmas gift list on a clean sheet of paper, with your favorite pen and in your best handwriting. Then you give it to your parents who then mail it to the North Pole, attention Santa Claus.

As you get older you usually are in a relationship and thus the process is much different. There can be subtle hints like leaving a catalog (or, in this age, a website) open to the item you long for with hopes someone will stumble upon it. Or you can bring it up in conversation or point it out when you see it at a store. If you feel the person buying it for you isn’t getting the hint, say something like, “I am thinking of getting this” and hopefully they will be the one purchasing it for you.

We asked IHRSA members what they wanted for the holiday, now less than one week away. I gave them the option to tell us what they hoped for a member of their club or a family member. The requests should have been health- and fitness-related.

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