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Be sure to set yourself apart from the competition

ddpavumba image at FreeDigitalPhotos.neBeing different can end with either a good or bad result.

It really depends on who is judging you and how they feel about someone or something that isn’t the norm.

It may not work during a job interview or when meeting your significant other’s parents, but in business an original concept, or even as simple as one that works for the consumer but isn’t easily accessible elsewhere, can be gold.

At the NEHRSA/IHRSA Fall Conference & Trade Show earlier this month one of the first three concurrent sessions brought 50 years of fitness industry experience together for the subject of how to set your club apart from neighboring clubs.

Read on for the entire story.

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Personal training educational session at Convention will be beneficial to everyone

Just this week Brendan Crotty talked to a fellow Houston fitness director who was seeking some guidance. The colleague was having troubles with different aspects of his personal training department. 

As the director of Fitness at River Oaks Country Club, Crotty was able to give him some pointers and advice. Had the call come in five weeks later, however, most likely he would have been able to talk his ear off. 

Crotty plans on attending Scott Lewandowski’s educational session, “Maximize the Effectiveness and Profitability of Your Personal Training Team,” which is on Tuesday, March 19, at 3:45 p.m., at the IHRSA 32nd Annual International Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas. 

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Why did you come to IHRSA‚Äôs Summit for a Healthier America?

Attendees of IHRSA's 10th Annual IHRSA Summit for a Healthier America answer why they are attending the Summit.

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IHRSA's 30th Annual Convention and Trade Show is officially underway. The IHRSA Live team will be providing up-do-date coverage of the event so you can follow along at home or from the Moscone Center is San Francisco. Visit to follow along.