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Healthy choices by Wisconsin representative

Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind yesterday introduced the Healthy CHOICES Act of 2012. It is a multi-faceted approach to fighting obesity, both in children and adults. 

The act has five areas of impact: Prevention and Treatment; Improving Access for Physical Activity; Improving Access to National Information and Healthy Foods; Realigning Transportation to Promote Healthy Lifestyles; and Research Tools. 

The Campaign to End Obesity Action Fund whcih advocates for changes in federal policy that will enable more Americans to eat healthy and be active, as well as those that provide appropriate medical treatment for patients, applaud the measure. 

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Track your running success on Facebook

Anyone who has been on Facebook for even 2 minutes knows that many of their friends like to let others know what they did every second of the day. Not to be excluded in the hourly posts is how far they ran and how long it took them.

Facebook’s Open Graph allows you to post a map of your run, count calories and share those successes.

Nike, Edmondo, Runkeeper and Runtastic are a few of the apps that have apps that are popular on Open Graph.

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New IHRSA report looks at U.S. health club employment

With childhood obesity, sedentary behavior and wellness programs in the workplace on the minds of all Americans, IHRSA will release a new report, The Future is Bright: U.S. Health Club Employment Outlook next week.

The report features particular focus on personal trainers and group exercise instructors. The findings show that several indicators and sources predict growth for these two areas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts more than a 20% increase through 2020.  

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IHRSA 2012 Global Report is out

If you like numbers, statistics and trends, and more importantly, you want to know how the industry – both nationally and internationally – is faring, then the 2012 IHRSA Global Report is something you should not do without.

Available as a PDF or in print, it is the most up-to-date publication on the global fitness business. The report consists of a comprehensive industry overview including input from several industry leaders from clubs of all sizes and types.

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This Week in Fitness: Exercise, weight loss assist in mobility for Type 2 diabetes sufferers

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that exercise and weight loss could help alleviate mobility issues among older overweight individuals with Type 2 diabetes.

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