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Holidays can be a challenge to stay with program

PALM BEACH POST IMAGEWe have all thought about it the past few weeks. It is inevitable. And, unfortunately, it is right in front of us. 

The dreaded holiday season – it starts with the omni-present and unfortunate accessibility of candy during and after a trick-filled Halloween, followed by the over-eating and one-too-many drinks during an over-indulging Thanksgiving. It continues during Hanukkah and Christmas for pretty much all of the presents-that-aren’t-good-for-you December; in addition to those two holidays there are the parties – both work and personal – throughout the final month of the year. And, finally, it is a no-holds-barred for New Year’s Eve and Day. 

With two months of being naughty and not finding the time to work out, as well as pressures from the cubicle next to you, friends on social media and even members of your household, it is nearly impossible to not stray from your routine. 

But how does one stay on the straight and narrow (or, skinny, in this case)? Luckily, most of those who live and breathe going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle have strong willpower and getting off course will be far and few between. 

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This Week in Fitness: Health Care vs. Sick Care

The doctors at one of Boston's largest hospitals have agreed to a new incentive scheme that values health over procedures. Read about this and more in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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