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Fitness industry doing its part to be green and sustainable

Solar panels on the Tucson Racquet and Fitness roof.The health and fitness industry and employing sustainable and green practices would seem to go hand-in-hand. The industry is about being healthy, clean and running at optimal efficiency, so a club doing the same for the environment and one’s surrounding area seems to make a lot of sense.

Many club owners and managers feel the same way. And there are countless reasons why a company would make the decision to be green and conscious of the earth and their environs.

Case in point, check out some of the reasons of these four clubs:

  • Chuck Richards, Sunset Athletic Club, Portland, Ore. – While planning an expansion he was astounded at the utility costs so he “went on a mission to become more aware” and incorporated green measures in the new construction that would save the club money in the long run.
  • Jim Zupancic, Stafford Hill Club, Tualatin, Ore. - When constructing the club two years ago he wanted to make sure he was compatible with the surrounding wetlands so the “personality of the club is very much intertwined with nature” he said. He also had a goal of being Silver LEED Certified, which he accomplished.
  • Bill Selby, Tucson Racquet and Fitness, Tucson, Ariz. – Being a family-oriented club it was important for him to show his members that he is thinking about not just the environment but them, too. For example, he has green products outside for the safety of children during kids’ camps.
  • Patrick Palmer, Club Northwest, Grants Pass, Ore. – Seven years ago the Green Team was created for “better stewardship of our environment.” Volunteers help separate plastics, papers and glass, in addition to many in-house initiatives.

“When you talk about sustainability in our business, its’ sustainability of your life,” Zupancic explained. “And when you talk about sustainability of nature, it’s completely synergistic. I think it is a very consistent message that we respect not just our bodies, but all things around us.”

Read on to see how the four clubs are saving the environment, as well as costs.

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Harness the Power of Human Energy with the Green System by SportsArt

This post is sponsored by SportsArt: SportsArt Fitness’ new human energy harnessing Green System will debut publicly for the first time at the IHRSA show in Los Angeles March 15-16th, 2012. The system consists of a pod of cardio products attached to an inverter that harnesses human energy from exercisers and coverts it into power that is fed back into the grid as useable energy.

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Participate in IHRSA's 3rd Annual Green Survey

Share your sustainable success story. Participate in IHRSA's Third Annual Green Survey.

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This Week in Fitness: Work Out for More Bone, Less Fat

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